Happy National Coffee Day!

Ok, so National Coffee Day seems to sneak up on us each year and maybe we just found out this morning, but ya know what? We celebrate coffee everyday! However, in honor of our favorite beverage, we're running a flash sale now through tomorrow (Saturday 9/30). Just use the code COFFEEDAY when checking out to receive 15% off all green and roasted coffee! Enjoy and Happy Coffee Day, Friends!

Oh! We also got in two new crops this week! 

Bali Blue Moon Organic: That's right, we got a fresh crop from Bali and it's Organic to boot! This season's harvest is near exact in cup to what it has been the last several: Huge, rich body, lingering finish and syrupy mouthfeel. As usual, there's a slight crispness not often found in Indonesian coffee that really sets it apart without being overwhelming. Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cedar, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. 


Peru Las Damas San Ignacio Organic

Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: It's often forgotten that Peru's harvest hits the US way behind other harvests from the Americas due to it's southerly location, but it's finally here! This was our favorite Peru from last year and this years harvest is just as fantastic. Mild and silky with great balance and crisp front end, it's got sweet notes of dark chocolate, orange, lemon and just a touch of honeydew. This one is a true crowd pleaser, you can't go wrong!

We've also updated our Roasted Selections and Restocked our current favorites. Don't forget to take a little more time savoring your favorite beverage in honor of National Coffee Day!

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