Finally! New Arrivals!

It feels like it's been ages since we got some new arrivals. With nothing new to choose, we've been stocking and restocking, but we've been itching for some new coffees...they're finally here! 


East Timor

East Timor Organic: Our next arrival from the fresh harvests of the Oceania region, East Timor coffee stands out from the crowd. Like Papua New Guinea, the coffee here is fully washed, resulting in a different profile from the neighboring islands of Indonesia. Look for the same big body and syrupy texture, but a more refined balance and less complexity. Notes of dark chocolate, cola and hints of spice.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GERA Estate: We're excited about our new fully washed offering from Ethiopia. the GERA Estate produces some exceptional coffee and this one is right on par. It's got a silky texture and subtle body. Balanced and gentle with a floral undertone and notes of lemongrass and honey. 


Nicaragua Segovia Prodecoop

Nicaragua Segovia Prodecoop Organic: This organic and fair trade coffee comes to us from the highlands of the Segovia Mountains. Warm, easy going and balanced, this is just a great all around coffee. Sure to please anyone, it's got a creamy texture with notes of sweet milk chocolate and a touch of citrus. 

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