Got more questions about joining our Crew? Check below! 
The Captain's Crew is our customer loyalty program! Whenever you place an order with us (or do other things like subscribe to our newsletter), you earn Captain's Coins which you can exchange for discounts! Think of it like a cash back program. You'll be getting a percentage (3%-8% depending on sales and such) of how much you spend back to be used as discounts on green coffee.
Just create an account with us! If you already have an account with our site, you're already in the crew :) You can do this during checkout or at any time by clicking the "Account" icon in the site menu or under the "Rewards" menu.
Anytime you're visiting our site, there will now be a little colorful widget at the bottom right of the screen at says "Rewards" (or if you're on mobile, it's an icon of a gift). Click that! We're working on getting a page put together as well. Once it's up, you'll be able to find it in the main menu.
Absolutely! You can even earn coins without spending a single dollar!

Long story short? You'll get more back if you save up coins for the higher tiers and you'll get more coins when you buy coffees and supplies that have point multipliers during promotions!

The long version: as far as earning coins, our baseline is 3 coins for every dollar you spend (3%). From time to time, we'll offer promotions on certain items and coffees where you can earn as much as double coins (6 coins for every dollar spent)!

When it comes to getting the most bang for your coins, we currently offer 3 redemption tiers. At the lowest (500 coins), you'll get $5 off. That equates to a straight 3% value (if you got the 3 points to a dollar baseline). At 1000 coins you get $12 off which is 3.6% and at 2000 coins you get $26 off for 4%!

All of our products are eligible for 3x coins per dollar spent except for the Gene Cafe & Nucleus LINK roaster. They have set coin rewards of 1,500 and 2,500 respectively!
Make sure you're logged in to your account on our site first, then click the buttons through our "Rewards" tab to make sure you get the coins. Oh and when you subscribe to our newsletter, be sure you confirm your subscription through the email we send!
Just click the buttons to perform those actions once you're logged in! Even if you've already done it once, you'll still get the bonus coins :)
Click "Referral Program" under the "Rewards" tab. You'll be provided with an email link to send to the friend you'd like to refer. If they use your link to come to our store, create an account with us and place an order, you'll automatically get coins!
Our system currently doesn't allow 2 discounts to combine during checkout, unfortunately. If you enter 2 discounts, it will only apply the best discount for your order. You can still accrue coins during sales, though! Think of your coins as a way to have a personal sale anytime you want :)
You might not have been logged in to your account when you requested a referral link or your friend might not have been logged in when they completed their purchase. Or they might have forgot to use your referral link when they came to our site. Either way, just send us an email through the "Contact Us" page (Click the "Reach Out" button below) and we'll make sure everybody gets their coins!
Currently we can only discount green coffee, but hey isn't that why you're here?! All of the vendors we use for our supplies like roasters, brewers and more set Minimum Advertised Prices (MAPs) which means if we wanna keep selling their awesome stuff, we can't discount them except on the rare occasions they allow promotional periods.
Under the "Rewards" tab! When you click "Redeem Coins" you'll have a couple options. Remember: the more coins you have saved up, the larger the discount!
Nope! It's still in the "Rewards" tab under "My rewards"
Your discount will only appear during checkout, it won't show up in your cart.
Check your email! You should have received an email with the code there if it's not appearing during checkout. If all else fails, reach out to us and we'll find it for ya :)
At this time we don't have an expiration system in place so nope! Your buried treasure is safe with us :)
Let us know (click the "Reach Out" button below) and we'll merge your old account to your new one! That way you'll still have your coins, order history and saved addresses.
Absolutely! Your account on our site is run through the ecommerce platform Shopify, which has industry leading security. And you have our guarantee that we will never sell your personal information to third parties. Your trust is EXTREMELY important to us!
Ooof! Well alright, we are a little silly sometimes, that's fair. We'll miss you but there's no harm done. Really there's nothing you need to do since being a Crew Member carries no obligations. To unsubscribe from our newsletter, just use the link at the bottom of our emails. We don't use your account information for anything if we aren't fulfilling your orders (we NEVER sell info or anything like that, it's purely for our records) but if you'd like your entire account with us deleted for any reason, just click "Reach Out" below to let us know!
Please check your email to confirm that you'd like to subscribe!
You've already subscribed. Extra points for being thorough!