• Baratza Encore ESP vs Fellow Opus

    Baratza Encore ESP vs Fellow Opus

       Today we're launching two competing grinders from two well known and respected brands: The Baratza Encore ESP and the Fellow Opus. And when I say competing, I mean they're nearly exactly the same price ($199.95 vs $195), they are meant to fill the exact same role (a do-it-all grinder from espresso all the way to cold brew) and they are both manufactured by...
  • The 'Just Because' Sale!

    The 'Just Because' Sale!

    Howdy folks! It's been a while since our holiday sale, so we thought 'why not have a sale'? You know...Just because! Now through all of Sunday (1/29/2023), the more you spend, the more you save on all green coffee. Cause you can never have too much coffee...right? Nah. NO CODES REQUIRED! Discount automatically applies at checkout. SPEND $50 - Get $5 off SPEND $100...
  • A Very Merry Christmas Sale featuring Catalyst Trade

    A Very Merry Christmas Sale featuring Catalyst Trade

    Will you look at that, looks like Santa came early this year and left us something under the tree! That's right, our long awaited new arrivals from Catalyst Trade are here. If you're a fan of Ethiopian coffee like me, this is the best gift you could ask for. So to celebrate, we're putting ALL coffee, including our amazing new offerings from Catalyst, on...
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