• Start Roasting Coffee at Home for only $25!

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    When I talk to fellow coffee lovers and the conversation turns toward roasting your own coffee at home, I always hear one of two reasons why folks don't roast their own:

    1. It's hard and complicated (it's not, I promise!)

    2. Home Roasting equipment is expensive.

    Well what if I told you that it's possible to start roasting coffee at home for only $25. 

    Allow me to introduce you to the Original Whirley-Pop by Wabash Farms


    That's right, we're going to be publishing two new articles on the two least expensive ways to start home coffee roasting and you can get started on either for just $25. This week we experimented with the Whirley-Pop. It's a DIYer's dream: no electricity required, fully manual, simple to operate and fun to modify. Check out the tutorial here!

    Next week, we'll be experimenting with the Air Popcorn Popper method, so if you prefer a less hands-on and more "plug and play" approach, look for that new tutorial next week. Until then, you can check out our Popper tip-sheet for a head start!

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  • Chemex brewers and filters return!

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    Hey folks! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall as much as we are. As things get closer to winter, we just get more and more excited about coffee! That's why we've restocked Chemex coffee brewers and filters.

    We've now have 2 different sizes to choose from: the large 10 cup, 50 oz brewer and a smaller 6 cup, 30 oz brewer. The 10 cup is perfect for several people (or just one person who can down a lot of coffee!) and the 6 cup is great for just one or two people. 

    We've also restocked Chemex filters and now carry both plain white filters as well as the natural, unbleached filters. Each order contains a box of 100 pre-folded, bonded square filters. We highly recommend using only Chemex filters with your Chemex brewer since they fit perfectly and are very strong. TIP: Rinse your filter with hot water before use to remove any loose paper fibers from the filter before brewer! You'll get a noticeable difference in pure coffee flavor.

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  • New Organic Rwandan Coffee

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    Rwanda Coopac Organic Fair Trade

    New coffee day lands on a Tuesday this week. We usually wait until Friday, but our delivery and cupping schedules were thrown off and when you've got good new coffee sitting around, you just can't wait to share it! We've also rotated our Roasted Coffees this week to feature this new coffee as well. 

    Rwanda Coopac Organic & Fair Trade: Rwanda is a coffee country that continues to grow in quality and popularity each season and with good reason. It seems like every Rwandan coffee we get is better than the last and this one continues the trend. It's got great body like a Kenya AA, bold rich texture like a D.R. Congo (which it neighbors) and the sweet juiciness of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Very balanced, slightly crisp with delicious flavors of peach, lime and red apple. Give this coffee a try and see why we think Rwandan coffee is some of the most underrated coffee in Africa!

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  • 2 New Coffees and Roasted Coffee Promo

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    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate

    This week we've got 2 new coffees, including our first ever AA from Papua New Guinea. We've also decided to extend our 25% more free Roasted Coffee Promo through the weekend, so don't miss out! Both new coffees are being featured in our Roasted coffees and they're also available green for your home roasting pleasure:

    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate AA: Being our first AA from PNG (we do love our acronyms in the coffee biz), we weren't sure what to expect. Boy, were we impressed! This is high grade coffee for sure with a big, rich body and silky texture, it's also got a slight crispness similar to Sulawesi. With a much cleaner profile than most Indonesian coffees, it's got a dry, herbaceous finish and notes of baker's chocolate and cinnamon with just a hint of black pepper.

    Guatemala Ceylan Organic RFA: The Atitlan region of Guatemala is often overshadowed by it's more well-known brother, Huehuetenango, but this coffee is a favorite around our shop! It's got the same body and slight complexity of it's big brother, but with a generally more relaxed and sweet profile. It's a bit more balanced and clean as well with notes of milk chocolate, black cherry and honey.


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  • Roasted Coffee is here! For a limited time, receive 25% more FREE!

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    Roasted Coffee

    It's been a long time coming, but The Captain's Coffee will finally be offering Roasted Coffee! All the coffee we sell is small batch, artisan roasted on our Ambex roaster and will is roasted to order. That means, the coffee we ship has been roasted within 24 hours of your order, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

    Roasted Coffee Bag

    We spent a lot of time thinking about how we were going to package our roasted coffee and we've decided to go with what we believe is a simple and elegant solution. So many Roasteries have fancy packaging with expensive printing and artwork and they raise their coffee prices in order to offset this. We don't want you to pay for packaging, we want to offer you simply great coffee at a great price. That's why we're going to keep things simple and ship our coffee in the same valve bags we offer here on our site with nothing but a stamp and a straightforward label so you know exactly what you're getting and what you're paying for. 

    We want to keep our roasted coffee offerings limited to help insure absolute freshness, so we'll frequently rotate what we're roasting. We'll always have our Espresso Blend and House Blend available. In addition, we'll always offer a dark roast, a medium roast and a light roast. So if you aren't interested in what's available right now, check back each week as we rotate offerings!

    If you've been a customer with The Captain's Coffee for a while (thank you!), you may be asking yourself: "Why is TCC selling roasted coffee when I want to roast my own?" Allow me to answer that question with several others! Have you ever wanted to compare your coffee to ours? Now you can! Do you have friends and family constantly bugging you for your roasted coffee and can't keep up with the demand? Send them our way! Too busy to roast and just need some great coffee mailed straight to your door? We got ya covered! Our goal isn't to take home coffee roasting away from you or steal your thunder. We hope that offering roasted coffee will be a door to getting current roasters more excited about their hobby and that we'll attract new coffee geeks to our site that we can convert into home roasters! 

    We have one goal in mind: to share our love of coffee and home coffee roasting and in turn get others excited about home roasting too!

    For a limited time we'll be selling 16oz bags of roasted coffee for the price of 12oz bags! Give our roasted coffee a try and get 25% more coffee for free!

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