• Honey Processed Honduras Returns and More!

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    Hello friends! Hope all of you are continuing to stay well and healthy as always! We've got some exciting new arrivals in, 4 to be exact, including a direct trade honey processed Honduras.

    Honduras Finca Mira Flores Honey Organic: From our direct trade partner, De La Finca Coffee, comes another fantastic family offering and this time it's Honey Processed! For those unfamiliar, Honey Processing brings the best of both worlds from fully washed beans as well as natural processed beans. Slightly complex, moderately bright and very sweet, it's got a silky body and a quick, clean finish. Look for notes of caramel, red apple and rich brown sugar.

    Ethiopia Sidamo Durato Bombe Natural: It strikes us lately that we give too much love to coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia and leave out other stellar offerings from the Sidamo region! Well, it's time to change that. This amazing coffee has surprisingly huge body for a natural processed coffee along with the expected crisp front end and complex, sweet flavors. Expect super juicy notes of blueberry, pineapple and plum with a lingering brown sugar finish.

    Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic

    Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic: Don't ask us to pronounce it, all we know is that it's great coffee! This tiny coop from the Chiapas region produces some of the best Mexican coffee we've had in years. Highly drinkable, slightly complex and a warm, lingering chocolate finish. Look for notes of milk chocolate, honey and cherry.

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Cafe de Mujeres Organic: This small selection from the ASOBAGRI coop from Huehuetenango is simply superb stuff! A bit more balanced and clean than other coffees from the region with the same rich body and creamy texture. Enjoy notes of caramel, meyer lemon and pear.

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  • 4 Old Favorites Return!

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    Hey Friends! We hope all of you are continuing to stay safe during this challenging time. We're excited to announce that we've got 4 fresh harvests just in, all returning favorites!

    Kenya Nyeri Boma AA: We had the pleasure of trying this coffee a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, this year's harvest is the best yet! Bright and crisp but balanced with unusually high sweetness, it's got amazing body and a silky texture. A slightly tannic finish but less "winey" than most Kenyan coffees. Look for notes of grapefruit, papaya and plum.

    Peru Sol y Cafe

    Peru Sol y Cafe Organic: This coffee is always a favorite of ours when it's harvest season comes up. While we would describe it as subtle and mild compared to most coffees, it's surprisingly bold for a Peruvian coffee. Balanced and easy going, look for notes of milk chocolate, caramel and mild lemon.

    Guatemala Huehuetenango el Injertal Organic

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca de Injertal: This estate always proves to be a top seller for us! It's as good as Huehuetenango coffee gets. Slightly complex, bold and flavorful, it is delicious by itself and also brings plenty to the table in blends. Try a variety of roast levels! Right at full city to full city + you'll find notes of dark chocolate, caramel and meyer lemon with an almond finish.

    Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic

    Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic: Another returning favorite that just gets better with every harvest! Exceptionally balanced and clean with a medium to light body and silky sweet texture. Lovers of light to medium roasts will get the most out of this offering! Expect notes of caramel, sweet orange and red apple.


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  • Big Restock Just In!

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    Hi Friends! We hope all of you are keeping well and healthy during these difficult times. Here at the Captain's HQ we're continuing to take all necessary steps to ensure our safety as well as yours while keeping the coffee flowing! To that end, we just got a HUGE restock in and a few recent favorites are back!

    Honduras Santa Lucia Organic

    Honduras Finca Santa Lucia Organic: This direct trade delight from our friends at Finca Santa Lucia is back with a fresh harvest! We absolutely love working with these folks and they just keep impressing us with the quality of their coffee. Incredibly well balanced with a mild almond finish and great body, look for notes of milk chocolate, caramel and sweet orange.

    Colombia Tolima Organic

    Colombia Tolima Organic: This choice selection comes from family farms who are all members of the Asociacion de Agricultores y Productores de Café Especial de Montalvo (AGPROCEM) Coop. Rich, warm and balanced with a gentle front end, expect sweet notes of cherry, dark chocolate and honey.

    Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso Organic: In the 1980s, Juan de Dios Castillo and his wife Miriam Aruaz began buying the land to form the Paraíso farms. Today their farm has been subdivided into 5 separate farms all owned and operated by his 5 children. This lot from their family farms has surprisingly low acidity with a big body and mild sweetness. Look for notes of cocoa powder, graham cracker and just a touch of brown sugar.

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  • We're Still Open with New Arrivals!

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    Hello friends! We sincerely hope all of you are keeping well during this challenging time. The good news is we're still shipping coffee and we just got some new arrivals along with a big restock! Let's start there and then we'll follow up with any special updates concerning us and Covid-19. 

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Natural: We're switching up our usual Ethiopian selection and so excited about our choice! This natural processed Yirgacheffe has surprising body and juicy sweetness. Look for notes of peach, ripe raspberry and a bit of lime on a floral background. Fruity, funky and absolutely fun! Available roasted as well!

    Uganda Bukonzo Organic

    Uganda Bukonzo Organic: Like many Ugandan coffees, this big, bold selection is a hit among fans of African and Indonesian coffees alike! It takes many roast levels well and you can tailor it's profile depending on which flavors you want most. Consistent in most profiles, you'll find mild acidity, buttery texture, big body and notes of cocoa, brown sugar and raisin.

    Honduras San Vicente Cielito Lindo Organic: This choice selection from the San Vicente Coop is surprisingly complex for a Honduran coffee! Unique and refreshing it's got a crisp front end with a lingering almond finish. Expect notes of dark chocolate, green apple and mild lemon. Available roasted as well!

    The Captain and Covid

    We've held off sending out an update on how the Coronavirus is affecting our business simply because things have been changing very quickly as the pandemic unfolds. We're pleased to say that at this point we are still open and shipping coffee! We're doing everything we can to keep providing you coffee during this trying time while also doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus. We're no longer allowing the public into our store and we're practicing social distancing by rotating our shifts and working remotely as much as possible. If you are a local customer, please understand these measures are in place to protect us all so be sure to call ahead if you usually pick up your coffee in person. Also, a few customers may experience very mild delays in shipping so expect that possibility when planning your next order. If anything changes in the coming weeks that impacts our ability to keep your coffee supply stocked, we'll let you know right away. Otherwise, we feel so blessed to still be in business and grateful to all of you for supporting us during this challenging time. Stay safe out there, friends! 

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  • 3 Brand New Coffees Just In!

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    Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of updates lately but we're making up for it with some exciting new arrivals! These coffees are brand new to us and we can't wait for you to try them.

    Uganda Friends of Mothers Organic: Founded in 2015, the Friends of Mothers Initiative is empowering women farmers in Uganda to bring top shelf coffee to a world market. This amazing coffee is low acid, super rich and almost syrupy. We like to describe it as a unique cross between Kenyan coffee and Indonesian coffee. Look for complex notes of cocoa, raisin and molasses. 

    Guatemala San Marcos Organic: This coffee reminds us of a solid Huehuetenango but with the edges rounded off. Softer, sweeter and more balanced but with all the body and creamy texture you love in Guatemalan coffee! Expect notes of brown sugar, meyer lemon and milk chocolate with a clean, satisfying finish.

    Peru Norandino Organic: This delightful cup is sure to be a crowd pleaser! It's easy going and mild but definitely not boring. A mildly crisp front end gives way to a full bodied coffee with balanced notes of honey, milk chocolate and orange. If you're in need of a comforting, laid back cup, look no further!

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