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Green Coffee
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We offer a pretty large variety of coffees and we understand that for those new to the world of buying green coffee, this can be daunting. Lucky for you, we taste every single coffee that comes through our doors so we're here to help!

Each month, we select our favorite coffees currently in stock, regardless of origin, processing method or price. These are the coffees we're enjoying the most! If you ask, "Hey folks, what are your absolute favorite coffees right now?" We're gonna point ya to these. It's as simple as that! If this were a restaurant, it'd be like order the Chef's tasting menu. And the best part? We're gonna make this bundle discounted over ordering a la cart!

This sampler rotates frequently, so if you'd like to see what our current favorites are or you'd just like to pick and choose which ones to order rather than get the sampler, you can see them here:

Also please note, the price of this sampler may vary, depending on which coffees are chosen at any given time.

Reminder! This coffee is RAW. You must roast it before brewing.

Here's What You Get:

  • Our absolute favorite 3 (or 6) coffees right now!
  • A total of 3lbs (or 6 lbs) of green coffee - that's 3 (6) coffees, 1lb each.  These are not sample bags - that's 1 pound per coffee, giving you a few roasts with each coffee to truly try them out!
  • If you choose the 3lb size, we'll include our top 3 and if you choose the 6lb size we'll include all 6! If you want to choose yourself, order them a la cart by clicking here!

This sampler is available as long as supplies of our favorites are in stock! Every 3-6 weeks, we'll rotate out the selections based on current availability.

Size :
$ 30.49
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