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  • 3 New Coffees!

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    3 Amazing New Coffees just walked in the door! Ok, they walked in yesterday and we cupped 'em today. Ok, they actually didn't walk in on their own...but wouldn't that be cool! Anyways, they're awesome. And we hope you have an awesome Easter Weekend!


    Sumatra Swiss Water Decaf

    Sumatra Royal Select Swiss Water Decaf: Ok, it's not often we're this excited about a decaf coffee, but this one is daaaaang good. Creamy, almost syrupy body a touch of complexity and a surprisingly clean finish! Yummy notes of dark chocolate and spice abound. 


    Honduras Marcala COMSA Organic: From one of our favorite Central American producers, this coffee is always a delight. It's slightly crisp and full bodied with great balance. Great at many roast levels and a wonderful blender or a great cup all on it's own, it's got notes of dark chocolate, orange and a walnut-y finish.


    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus

    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus: This was one of our favorite Tanzania Peaberrys last year and this year's harvest is just as tasty! Crisp and bright with a sweet finish and smooth texture. Look for notes of chocolate, lime and just a hint of raspberry!

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  • Fresh Costa Rica just in!

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    New Central American crops are beginning to trickle in from this season's harvest which always makes Spring an exciting time around The Captain's Coffee. This week we were elated to find one of our favorite single estate coffees just arrived:


    Costa Rica La Amistad Organic: This has always been one of our favorite Costa Rican coffees and it continues to impress us. Incredibly well balanced, slightly crisp and just plain good. Years ago it was passed off by an unscrupulous importer as Hawaii Kona (don't worry, they're long gone) and with good reason! This year's crop features notes of dark chocolate, orange, honey and just a touch of lemon. Sure to please even the most discerning coffee snob! Wanna cut the work out? Pick it up fresh roasted!

    Oh! Almost forgot to mention we got in another new Central American crop for all you organic decaf lovers: Honduras Organic Royal Select Water Decaf! Straight from the Marcala Coop in Honduras and processed in the Mountain Water Process style, it's gentle, delicate and sweet. It's well balanced and crisp with notes of milk chocolate and mild lemon. This season's crop features a slightly peanut buttery finish!

    Like Facebook or Instagram? Follow us for frequent updates and fun happenings! Next week we'll be at Nashville Coffee Fest and we'll be sending back some really cool pics and videos!

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  • 3 New Coffees Arrive as Winter Departs

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    As we wave goodbye to February (and hopefully Winter!), we begin to look forward to a whole bunch of new harvests hitting the states come Springtime. Thankfully, some new coffees have already begun to trickle in and they're a sign of coffees to come, we couldn't be more excited!


    Brazil Barra Grande Natural: Brazil exports a LOT of coffee. Literally more than any other country in the world, which can sometimes mean finding the really good stuff is harder than you might think. Well, we landed a gem with this single estate from Sitio Barra Grande. It's mild and gentle with low acidity, a creamy body and great balance. Sweet notes of cocoa and orange with a nutty finish. Great as a mild cup by itself and stellar in Italian style espresso blends.


    Colombia La Cristalina Excelso: With there being so many wonder organic options from Colombia, it's rare we get a conventional one in. But when our importer described just how good this coffee was, we knew we had to have a bag. It's just as delicious as promised! It's got a luxurious and silky body with excellent balance and little to no bite. Sweet notes of milk chocolate, caramel and cherry abound with delightful floral undertones. 


    Bali Blue Moon: Folks who shop with us often know we carry the organic version of this coffee quite often since it's an absolute knockout coffee. For one reason or another, the organic part of this crop was delayed significantly so upon hearing that the conventional version has exactly the same profile, we pounced on it! Rich, syrupy body and a complex profile follow an unusually crisp front end. We love the notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla, black pepper and cedar. 

    We also added the Bali and Colombian to our Roasted Selections, as well as our Colombian Decaf! Happy Roasting and Brewing coffee friends!

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  • New Coffee Day!

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    Ok, so these coffees aren't new to us per se, but they are brand spankin' new crops we've been patiently waiting for. It's always a bit nerve wracking to see what new crops of coffees that have been your favorite in the past will be like this season, but it makes it all the more exciting when they turn out to be spectacular!


    Guatemala Ceylan Organic

    Guatemala Ceylan Organic RFA: Guatemalan coffees are some of our best selling coffees and with good reason. But somehow the little region of Atitlan always gets overlooked in favor of it's powerhouse brother, Huehuetenango. Well, we're hear to tell you that if you love Guatemalan coffee and you aren't trying this one, you're missing out! It's just as full bodied and rich as most Huehuetenangos but a bit sweeter, juicier and with just a bit more balance. 


    Uganda Bugisu AA Organic

    Uganda Bugisu Organic AA: Much like our D.R. Congo Organic, this coffee feels like it's part African and part Indonesian. It's got that dry, red wine feel and finish but with a huge syrupy body and slight complexity. We like it best right at Medium to Medium-Dark, but you can easily take these beans darker as they hold up to heat well and roast very evenly. 

    We've also added to our Roasted Coffee Selections for those of you who want the heavy lifting done in advance! Are you following us on social media? We're growing our Facebook and Instagram pages and want you to be the first to know what's going on. Happy Roasting and Brewing ya'll!

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  • New Ethiopia Konga Washed

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    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural has been our favorite natural processed Ethiopian coffee for two years running. When you try as many coffees as we do, that's pretty impressive. So when we heard the Konga region had a washed version of their amazing coffee, we just had to get some. We could not be more pleased!

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Washed: Most washed coffees from Yirgacheffe tend to be light, mild and floral. You know...kinda boring. But not this one! It's surprisingly full bodied with a long, sweet finish. The floral taste of honeysuckle is still there, but it's accompanied by a big burst of strawberry and just a dash of lemon and lime. If you've tried the Natural Konga, it's very similar, just more balanced and less...funky. Think more refined!

    We also restocked Ethiopia Konga Natural, Sulawesi Toraja, Colombia Tolima Organic and Sumatra Mandheling!

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