New Sulawesi and Colombia Arrivals

Ask and ye shall receive! New Indonesian crops have finally started to arrive and we were fortunate to snag a bag of one of our favorites:


Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-MinangaSulawesi coffee is some of the highest grown (if not the highest) grown coffee in Indonesia. This higher altitude lends to this coffee being considered the cleanest (most balanced) of all the Indonesian coffees. Think of it as Sumatra's more refined and sophisticated brother! It still has the syrupy texture and huge body you'd expect. This season's crop features notes of baker's chocolate, cedar and black licorice. Perfect for dark roasting and a bold cup as the weather cools down!


Colombia Tolima La Cumbre: This single estate coffee is located in a micro climate in the Tolima region ideal for growing coffee. La Cumbre means "top" and in this case, we certainly believe it's the cream of the crop. Rich and creamy with excellent balance and crisp yet sweet brightness. Look for sweet notes of milk chocolate, orange and warm toffee. 


As for the other Indonesian crops we mentioned in our last article, look for them in the coming month!

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