The two words that best describe us. We’re totally dedicated to you guys—our customers, but we’re also dedicated to having fun. I mean, we’re selling coffee here; not stock options! We can geek out with the best of ‘em when it comes to the latest Cup of Excellence offerings, the effects of weather on growing conditions, and the rising price of commodities, but when it all comes down to it, we just love what we do.

So whenever you want to talk — if you have questions, want some roasting advice, have a story to share, or even have a problem with your order — we’re always dedicated to making you happy & helping you have fun!

How We Choose Our Coffee


Sources matter! Especially when buying coffee. We believe in helping quality-conscious farmers make a good living — not just because it makes the world a better place, but also because these are the farmers that produce the best coffee beans.

There are lots of coffee importers in the U.S., and we’ve done the hard work to find the really great ones, who have good relationships with honest, high quality plantations, and who will give us good prices.

stacked green coffee bags
burlap sacks full of green coffee beans


Here’s how a typical conversation between us and a coffee importer goes…

David: Hey, [importer guy]! I hope you’re doing well these days. We’re running low on Sumatran beans. What are the latest crops like from that region?

Importer Guy: Hi, David! Yeah, we just got shipments in from several farmers. Some certified organic, some Fair Trade, some really nice high growth varieties, a few that would be great for single origin espresso. Really great crops this year—

David: Well, let me ask you this, Importer Guy, which one really gets you excited? Which one has so captured your fancy that you can’t help but talk about it to your wife over the dinner table because it’s the best Sumatran ever?

Importer Guy: Oh, well, in that case, there’s only one! Oh, David, this one from [obscure name of some tiny farm in the middle of nowhere] is just so…so…mind blowingly incredible! It…I just…can’t even begin to describe it. Complex, frui—

David: I’ll take all you’ve got in stock! Just send it all.

So, what have we learned from this? One thing that you’ll find missing from these kinds of conversations is discussions about price. Honestly, we simply don’t concern ourselves with price — beyond making sure we deal with honest & trustworthy importers. We started this business because we love great-tasting, high quality coffee, so we only sell (and drink) the absolute best coffee we can find.