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  • Happy National Coffee Day!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Ok, so National Coffee Day seems to sneak up on us each year and maybe we just found out this morning, but ya know what? We celebrate coffee everyday! However, in honor of our favorite beverage, we're running a flash sale now through tomorrow (Saturday 9/30). Just use the code COFFEEDAY when checking out to receive 15% off all green and roasted coffee! Enjoy and Happy Coffee Day, Friends!

    Oh! We also got in two new crops this week! 

    Bali Blue Moon Organic: That's right, we got a fresh crop from Bali and it's Organic to boot! This season's harvest is near exact in cup to what it has been the last several: Huge, rich body, lingering finish and syrupy mouthfeel. As usual, there's a slight crispness not often found in Indonesian coffee that really sets it apart without being overwhelming. Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cedar, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. 


    Peru Las Damas San Ignacio Organic

    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: It's often forgotten that Peru's harvest hits the US way behind other harvests from the Americas due to it's southerly location, but it's finally here! This was our favorite Peru from last year and this years harvest is just as fantastic. Mild and silky with great balance and crisp front end, it's got sweet notes of dark chocolate, orange, lemon and just a touch of honeydew. This one is a true crowd pleaser, you can't go wrong!

    We've also updated our Roasted Selections and Restocked our current favorites. Don't forget to take a little more time savoring your favorite beverage in honor of National Coffee Day!

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  • 2 New Arrivals

    Posted on by David Tatum

    We're starting the week off right with 2 New Arrivals!


    Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic: We can't get over how many awesome coffees are coming out of Costa Rica this season! They just seem to be getting better and better too. This offering comes from a 3rd generation family owned micro mill and it's lively, sweet and exceptionally well balanced. Look for sweet and crisp notes of orange, peach, honey and honeydew. Perfect for flash brewed iced coffee!


    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate X

    Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate X: Don't let the "X" grade on this Single Estate coffee fool you! X is just a sorting variety meaning the smaller beans in the lot, and in this case, small packs a punch! Much like Peaberry, this bean is a more subtle and approachable version of it's larger brothers. It's syrupy and rich with a slight complexity of flavors which include cocoa, cherry and caramel.

    Have you checked out our recent guides on making Flash Brewed and Cold Brew iced coffee? Coming soon, iced AeroPress! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and guides as well as just plain silly nonsense around the shop. 

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  • Microlots and Swiss Water Decaf

    Posted on by David Tatum

    New Coffee Day is always exciting, but today's cupping was one of the most exciting yet! We love getting in Microlots and learning about farmer's stories so we were pumped to taste the latest lot from Finca La Rosa's Catalina Rodriguez. We've also received a fresh Swiss Water Decaf and a fresh crop from Uganda!


    Honduras Finca La Rosa Organic Microlot: We love coffee with a story and Catalina Rodriguez's story is pretty cool. From poverty to successful coffee farmer, you can taste her love for coffee in the cup. Full bodied, creamy and very balanced, it's sweet and lively with notes of red delicious apple, black cherry and apricot.

    Uganda Bugisu AA Organic: Ugandan coffee is often underrated for reasons we can't sort out. This coffee is some of the best coming out of Africa! It's more Indonesian in character than Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees with a syrupy body and buttery texture. Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cherry and raisin.

    Honduras Swiss Water Decaf Organic: Another awesome coffee from the COMSA co-op in Honduras. It's been processed using the Swiss Water Method which means it retains more of it's origin character than you get with many other methods and none of that "decaf" taste. It's easy going and accessible with notes of cocoa and graham cracker. 

    We also restocked our Colombia Swiss Water Decaf! Try them all or build a "house" decaf. We recommend one part Honduras and one part Colombia. For decaf espresso, use one part Colombia and one part Sumatra.

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  • New Coffees, Crops and a Restock

    Posted on by Andrew Rabbit

    As Christmas gets closer, winter has begun to really set in. This week, we set about choosing coffees to stock that were not only delicious, but perfect for warming your heart, soul and body. We know you'll enjoy these new coffees as much as we do!


    El Salvador Las Mercedes

    El Salvador Las Mercedes Estate: This single estate coffee is wonderfully balanced and warm with a full body and creamy texture. Look for notes of sweet dark chocolate and toffee with just a touch of lemon. It's a pleasure to roast and will handle a spectrum of roast levels well. 


    Java Taman Dadar Organic

    Java Taman Dadar Organic: This delicious Indonesian coffee is a house favorite and we couldn't wait to get a fresh crop. This harvest is just as low acid and syrupy as we remember and makes for a perfect dark roast due to its density. It's got a long, lingering finish and notes of baker's chocolate, pine and a hint of black cherry.

    Both new coffees are featured in our Roasted Coffees and we've restocked Sulawesi Toraja, Sumatra Mandheling, Nicaragua Paraiso Organic and Rwanda Coopac Organic as well!


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  • New Organic Rwandan Coffee

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Rwanda Coopac Organic Fair Trade

    New coffee day lands on a Tuesday this week. We usually wait until Friday, but our delivery and cupping schedules were thrown off and when you've got good new coffee sitting around, you just can't wait to share it! We've also rotated our Roasted Coffees this week to feature this new coffee as well. 

    Rwanda Coopac Organic & Fair Trade: Rwanda is a coffee country that continues to grow in quality and popularity each season and with good reason. It seems like every Rwandan coffee we get is better than the last and this one continues the trend. It's got great body like a Kenya AA, bold rich texture like a D.R. Congo (which it neighbors) and the sweet juiciness of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Very balanced, slightly crisp with delicious flavors of peach, lime and red apple. Give this coffee a try and see why we think Rwandan coffee is some of the most underrated coffee in Africa!

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