New Coffee Extravaganza!

Honduras Finca Mi Esperanza

Wow, what a new coffee day do we have for you today! Seven, that's right SEVEN new coffees in stock this week! There's something for everyone, from light and crisp to bold and syrupy and even a brand new organic decaf. We made sure to find the best new coffees from every region and we've got them all covered, including new crops from some of our old favorites. We'll list them in alphabetical order so you can be sure we're not biased (we love them all anyway!).

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Washed: I know, I know, we always focus on Natural Processed Ethiopian coffees and ignore the washed, well not this time! This amazing coffee is gentle and mellow, with a surprising body and less acidity than we expected. It's balanced and refreshing with notes of melon, peach, mild lemon and lavender. 

Honduras Finca Mi Esperanza Microlot Organic: There is so much to say about this incredible offering. It's a microlot, so you know it's been treated with the utmost care. It's honey processed so you know it's going to be sweet and fruity with low acidity. It's organic, so you know you can feel good about it's environmental impact. Subtle complexity and a clean finish with big notes of orange, cherry and cinnamon. 

Honduras Organic Royal Select Water Decaf: Over the years, decafs with the Royal Select Water Decaf label have been the only decafs we've gotten excited about and this organic Honduran is no exception. Creamy, balanced and milk chocolate sweet with a clean finish and none of that nasty decaf flavor. Perfect for an after dinner coffee that is sure to please anyone.

Mexico Huatusco El Santo: It's been a while since we've been so impressed by a coffee from Mexico, but this one blew us away. It's medium bodied and creamy with big sweet flavors of apricot, red apple and honey. Just an absolutely delightful coffee, no sugar needed!

Peru Sol y Cafe Organic Fair Trade: This is a new crop from what has been one of our favorite coops in recent years. We've always loved how easy drinking this coffee is and it's sure to please your crowd. It's smooth and balanced with notes of mandarin, peach and caramel. Great any time of day and a wonderful blender to add sweet brightness without taking away from the rest of the blend.

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minanga: Another new crop that we couldn't wait to get back in. This coffee is a favorite around our shop and a consistent winner. This year's crop brings no surprises and you'll still find it's full of big, rich, syrupy body and complex notes of cocoa powder, licorice and cedar. We like to say it's a really great Sumatran without the earthy bite. Think sophisticated and distinctive rather than raw and earthy.

Sumatra Takengon Organic Fair Trade: Of course we had to balance Sulawesi with a classic Sumatra! It's got the same rich, syrupy body with complex notes of baker's chocolate, pipe tobacco, spice and vanilla. Not for the faint of heart! Think of this as Sulawesi's raw, edgy pal. This is coffee with attitude!

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