The Kenya Coffee Shuffle

New coffee day is all about the restock this week. We got in more Ethiopia Konga Natural, Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc, and Decaf Colombia. But the big news is a little dance we like to call the Kenya Coffee Shuffle:

Kenya Coffee Bag

Kenya AA Kianjiru Auction Lot: The last Kenya AA we had in was quite possibly the best we've had this season. How do you top that? Well, we decided not to try and hit the other end of the AA spectrum. We're always talking about the winey, tannic character of great Kenyan coffee, so this is the best way to explain the difference. If the Kenya AA Ichamara was a deep, dry red wine, the Kenya AA Kianjiru is a sweet, dry, crisp white wine. We love them both for different reasons, so kick your shoes off, do the shuffle and try another amazing Kenya AA!

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