4 New Arrivals!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed a little time away but it feels great to be back, especially with 4 new coffees to be excited about! Let's dive right in:


Bali Kintamani Natural Organic: Holy cow are we excited about this one. We've been keeping our eyes open for this gem for months! It's the exact same crop as our Bali Blue Moon but processed completely differently. Same big, syrupy body but with much more complexity of flavor. Look for big, juicy notes of strawberry, dark cherry and cocoa powder. Try the two coffees side by side to really taste the difference processing makes!


Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc

Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc: Bold and buttery smooth, this coffee is an instant classic. Just a touch of earthy complexity and loads of milk chocolate with just a hint of orange are sure to make this coffee one you reach for often. 


Burundi A KawazamurabaweOk, we usually take pains to learn and pronounce coffee origins and coops, but this one has us stumped. Kawa-za-more-a-ba-way? Say that 5 times fast! Either way, this coffee is stellar. Subtle and easy-going with exceptional balance and crisp, slightly sweet tones. Look for notes of lime zest, white grapefruit and peach.


Papua New Guinea Timuza Organic

Papua New Guinea Timuza A/X Organic: Last, but certainly not least, we were extremely excited to see this award winning coffee return. Winner of the 2016 national coffee competition, the Timuza coop is doing some really incredible work. This crop is no exception! It's complex and spicy with a lingering finish and rich body. We really enjoyed the warm notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, caramel and orange.

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