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This Organic PNG placed first in a 2016 national coffee competition! It's complex, spicy and full bodied with a silky texture. We love the warm notes of brown sugar, tangerine, peach and a touch of lime. Arrival date: November...
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This Organic PNG placed first in a 2016 national coffee competition! It's complex, spicy and full bodied with a silky texture. We love the warm notes of brown sugar, tangerine, peach and a touch of lime.

Arrival date: November 21st, 2018

Acidity & Brightness: Low acidity, sweet

Balance & Finish: Complex and spicy with a lingering finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied, silky texture

Flavors: Brown sugar, tangerine, peach and a touch of lime

Grade: A/X (mixture of sizes)

Certifications: Organic

Processing: Fully washed

Varieties: Arusha, Typica and Mundo Novo

Roasting: Start with a Full City + (Medium Dark), or just a bit into the second crack. If you can't hear the cracks, then roast until the beans are smooth and medium dark brown with just the first hint of sheen as the oil emerges. Feel free to take it all the way to Vienna (Dark) or even French roast, this coffee is great for roasting dark! Expect slightly uneven roasting, but don't cull the odd beans, they add to the complexity of the cup. 

 Reminder: This coffee is raw. You have to roast it before brewing

Our Reivew: The Timuza Coffee Cooperative represents about 260 small-holder farmers of the Kamano tribal group, located southwest of Kainantu in the hamlets surrounding Namura town. The soils are are a mix of black & brownish red loam, with predominately traditional typica grown under casuarina and albizia shade trees. Average farm size is 1.4 hectares per family, with adjacent gardens for cultivation of food crops such as sweet potato, taro, and cassava. Farmers have received training and assistance in financial management, gender equality, coffee husbandry and standards for processing through local partners. The harvest takes place from April through September, with selective harvest of ripe cherry, manually pulping, fermentation in traditional bilum bags, washing, and full sun-drying. In 2016, Timuza placed 1st in the National Cupping Competition. Wait, in case you missed that, let me type it again: Timuza placed 1st in the National Cupping Competition. Pretty impressive considering how much coffee comes out of Papua New Guinea!

Papua New Guinea is pretty unique as far as coffee from that region of the world goes. While not Indonesian (since it is an independent country) it is similar enough and close enough geographically for us to lump it in that category. Yet unlike Indonesian coffee, it is usually fully washed (rather than wet hulled) typically resulting in a cleaner profile. This award winning organic selection stands out as unusually complex, with a profile more like coffee from it's neighbors, though this may be a result more from the mixture of bean sizes used. A/X grade coffee is a mixture of sizes from large to medium, though it is still carefully screened for defects just like A grade coffee. We enjoyed this coffee most roasted on a darker profile since it's dense enough to take the heat, right around Full City+ and even up to Vienna. It's rich and silky with a pleasant spiciness and warm notes of brown sugar, tangerine, peach and lime.

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