New Year, New Coffee

It's a brand new year, friends! In the past few years, we've seen more and more folks join the home roasting fold and we're so excited for what this year holds in store! Each year, more and more amazing coffees are making it to our markets and we can't wait to see what new crops and estates are yet to arrive! Today we're proud to introduce two brand new coffees and a new crop from an old favorite. On to the good stuff!


Sulawesi Rantekarua Organic: This coffee is definitely a first for us. Not only is it our first organic Sulawesi, it's also fully washed! Unlike it's typical semi-washed counterpart, this coffee is much cleaner and has a more crisp front end, yet it still maintains the legendary body and syrupy texture. You'll love it's balance and notes of butterscotch, molasses and cocoa powder.


Colombia Huila Atprocafes Organic: Another first for us! This is our first coffee from Huila and we were totally wowed. It's bright without being overwhelming, sweet without being cloying and balanced as all get out. We found it to have a substantial body and creamy texture with notes of caramel, red apple, tangerine and honey.


Peru El Cautivo Organic

Peru El Cautivo Organic: We had this coffee for the first time last year and we couldn't wait to try this season's crop. True to form, it's easy going and subdued with a medium body and silky texture. It's perfectly versatile, whether you want to roast it dark or light, it makes for a great blender and it's a great coffee to enjoy black or with cream and sugar. Look for subtle hints of cashew butter, milk chocolate and just a touch of peach.


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