• The Spice of Life

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Here at The Captain's Coffee we believe that variety is the spice of life. One of the best things about coffee is there are so many different ones to try! Coffees from the neighboring farm can even be different. Half the fun of all this variety is the journey of discovering these subtle differences and we're excited to share this journey with you! 


    Costa Rica la Amistad

    Costa Rica La Amistad Organic: Located in the Southern Highlands, right next to Panama, the La Amistad Estate is world renowned for producing high quality coffee.  you'll be hard pressed to find a better coffee. Clean and perfectly balanced, it's the quintessential Costa Rica cup! A crisp front end leads to a silky body with notes of milk chocolate, lemon, orange and caramel. Try our Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas as well and see which one you like better!


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc: This classic coffee has everything you're looking for in a coffee from the Huehuetenango region: Rich, buttery texture, big body and just enough complexity to keep you guessing every sip! Look for notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar, cherry and just a hint of savory oregano. It's grown right next to our Guatemala Huehuetenango el Injertal! Try them both and see if you can spot the differences

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  • Costa Rica is finally here!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Well we've been promising it for a couple months now and it's finally here! That's right friends, we've just received a premium shipment of Organic Costa Rica as well as a fresh Organic Colombia!


    Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic

    Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic: We absolutely loved this coffee last year and are so excited to have it back! It's a bit more crisp than last year, but still just as sweet and silky. Expect exceptional balance and medium to full body followed by a clean finish. We love the notes of caramel, ripe cherry and green apple. Perfect for an iced coffee on a hot summer day!


    Colombia Tolima Organic

    Colombia Tolima OrganicThe previously often overlooked region of Tolima has really been shining the past few years and we're happy to feature it yet again. This organic coffee is full bodied and very well balanced with a lingering nutty finish. Look for notes of vanilla, caramel, cherry and almond.

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  • New Coffees & New Emails!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Hey friends! Sorry we've been so quiet lately! We've been working on a new email system for our loyal subscribers that should provide a lot more features. We're still working on the finer points, but it should be ready to test. The new subscriber sign-up should now be much less obtrusive as well so no more annoying pop-up when you visit. As always, please provide us with your feedback on it as that helps us out so much! Without further ado, we've also got 2 new coffees in:


    Honduras Royal Reserve Honey Organic: We are so excited to have this coffee back! If you haven't tried a honey processed coffee before, you owe it to yourself to try this one. Honey process is a mix of fully washed and natural processing which provides the funky, sweetness of natural while retaining the crisp, bright front end of washed. The result is tangy, twisty and just downright fun! Think caramel covered granny smith apple.


    Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic: This tiny co-op in the mountains of Northern Chiapas (please don't ask us to pronounce it) only exports one container of coffee a year, so we feel fortunate yet again to get some in the store! Like most Mexican coffee, it's a bit of a softer bean, so roast low and slow for best results. Easy going and highly drinkable, it's warm and comforting. Look for notes of cocoa powder and cherry with a lingering chocolate finish.

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  • 5 New Coffees Just In!

    Posted on by David Tatum

    You read it right folks, we've got 5 new coffees just in! We've got something for everyone, from African to Central American to Decaf! Without further ado:

    Kenya Peaberry Plus: Don't let the bland name of this selection fool you, it's a hand selected blend of some of the best Peaberrys the Kenya Auction Lot has to offer! Subtle, easy going and exceptionally well balanced, expect this one to go down smooth and leave you wanting more. Look for tangy and sweet notes of grapefruit, orange and sweet lemon. 

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GERA Natural: We're always excited to find high grade natural processed Ethiopian coffees and we're pleased to share this one! Twisty, fruity, silky, complex and surprisingly full bodied. You'll love the big, juicy notes of strawberry and peach with just a touch of cocoa powder.

    Tanzania Peaberry Selian Estate: Another peaberry?! You betcha. Similar to the Kenya, this coffee is going to err on the subtle and slightly tangy side, but with a cleaner finish than the tannic Kenyan. Expect more of a crisp front end with a medium, almost tea-like body. Notes of cocoa powder, lemon and lime. 

    Nicaragua Alta de Jinotega Organic: This coffee is always a delight to have around because it's just such a hard working coffee! It takes so many roast levels well, it blends well and it stands up great all on it's own. Perfect for a warm, full bodied morning cup as well as a strong afternoon pick me up. Creamy, balanced and buttery with a nutty finish, you'll find notes of milk chocolate, caramel and almond.

    Guatemala Royal Select Water Process Decaf: Think Huehuetenango in decaf form. Rich, slightly complex and full bodied. If you're looking for your Guatemala fix and can't take the caffeine, you're going to love this coffee! Familiar notes of dark chocolate, caramel and mild lemon abound. 

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  • Ethiopian Fully Washed just in (it's Organic too!)

    Posted on by David Tatum

    Hey friends! It's been a while (ok longer than we'd like to admit) since we got in a fully Washed Ethiopian coffee. The time has finally come! Several other coffees have come in recently as well so I'll try to catch everyone up on our new arrivals:


    Ethiopia Sidamo Telamo Washed Organic: As promised! Remember that washed Ethiopian coffees are very different from their natural processed counterparts. This one is silky, very balanced and light. The front end is crisp and the finish is refreshing, perfect for iced coffee now that the weather is warming. Look for notes of sweet lemon, raspberry and honey.


    Honduras Nueva Esperanza Organic: Honduran coffees are finally beginning to arrive so expect more to come! This early offering is easy going and well rounded. A creamy body and smooth front end give way to a clean finish. Look for notes of milk chocolate, almond and lemon.


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca el Injertal: Our first Huehue of the season! One of our favorites in recent years, this estate continues to impress. Slight complexity and rich body along with moderate acidity and a long finish make this one a fan favorite. This year's crop has notes of milk chocolate, white sugar, pear and caramel. Mmmmm sweet!

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