• Roasting at Home on a Budget - Part 2

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    Air Popcorn Popper

    Part 2 of our Roasting on a budget covers the Air Popcorn Popper method. This tried and true method is a home roasting favorite. You can pick up a brand new one on Amazon for $25 or less. If the Whirley Pop from part 1 sounds a little too hands on for you, you'll love the plug and play simplicity of the Popcorn popper! If you've been on the fence about roasting your own coffee at home due to expensive roasters (or have a friend in that boat), get off the fence and pick one of these up. You're morning coffee will never be the same again! Check out the full article in our Learning Center.


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  • 2 New Coffees and a Restock

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    New coffee day is here! We're pleased to announce 2 new coffees as well as a big restock.

    Colombia Santa Marta Organic: From the Santa Marta mountains in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this is a spectacular example of the best Colombian coffee has to offer. Rich, full body and creamy texture and complimented by sweet and balanced flavors of milk chocolate, caramel and almond. Truly a crowd-pleaser!

    Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima Organic: Ok, so this isn't a brand new coffee to us, but we haven't had it in a while and we just can't help but keep coming back to it. It's so hard to find a really good, organic Brazilian coffee and this one is just too good to pass up. Low acidity and a sweet, nutty finish as well as a creamy texture and gentle flavors of cocoa powder and walnut.

    We also restocked D.R. Congo Organic, Nicaragua Paraiso Organic, Ethiopia Konga Natural and Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc! Come and get it, just in time for cooler weather.

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  • Start Roasting Coffee at Home for only $25!

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    When I talk to fellow coffee lovers and the conversation turns toward roasting your own coffee at home, I always hear one of two reasons why folks don't roast their own:

    1. It's hard and complicated (it's not, I promise!)

    2. Home Roasting equipment is expensive.

    Well what if I told you that it's possible to start roasting coffee at home for only $25. 

    Allow me to introduce you to the Original Whirley-Pop by Wabash Farms


    That's right, we're going to be publishing two new articles on the two least expensive ways to start home coffee roasting and you can get started on either for just $25. This week we experimented with the Whirley-Pop. It's a DIYer's dream: no electricity required, fully manual, simple to operate and fun to modify. Check out the tutorial here!

    Next week, we'll be experimenting with the Air Popcorn Popper method, so if you prefer a less hands-on and more "plug and play" approach, look for that new tutorial next week. Until then, you can check out our Popper tip-sheet for a head start!

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  • Chemex brewers and filters return!

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    Hey folks! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall as much as we are. As things get closer to winter, we just get more and more excited about coffee! That's why we've restocked Chemex coffee brewers and filters.

    We've now have 2 different sizes to choose from: the large 10 cup, 50 oz brewer and a smaller 6 cup, 30 oz brewer. The 10 cup is perfect for several people (or just one person who can down a lot of coffee!) and the 6 cup is great for just one or two people. 

    We've also restocked Chemex filters and now carry both plain white filters as well as the natural, unbleached filters. Each order contains a box of 100 pre-folded, bonded square filters. We highly recommend using only Chemex filters with your Chemex brewer since they fit perfectly and are very strong. TIP: Rinse your filter with hot water before use to remove any loose paper fibers from the filter before brewer! You'll get a noticeable difference in pure coffee flavor.

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  • New Organic Rwandan Coffee

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    Rwanda Coopac Organic Fair Trade

    New coffee day lands on a Tuesday this week. We usually wait until Friday, but our delivery and cupping schedules were thrown off and when you've got good new coffee sitting around, you just can't wait to share it! We've also rotated our Roasted Coffees this week to feature this new coffee as well. 

    Rwanda Coopac Organic & Fair Trade: Rwanda is a coffee country that continues to grow in quality and popularity each season and with good reason. It seems like every Rwandan coffee we get is better than the last and this one continues the trend. It's got great body like a Kenya AA, bold rich texture like a D.R. Congo (which it neighbors) and the sweet juiciness of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Very balanced, slightly crisp with delicious flavors of peach, lime and red apple. Give this coffee a try and see why we think Rwandan coffee is some of the most underrated coffee in Africa!

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