Honduras Comayagua Finca El Conejo Pacamara Organic

De La Finca Coffee
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This direct trade microlot from Delmer & Joel Banegas features the enormous Pacamara cultivar. It's clean, bright and delightfully creamy with notes of dried fruit, fig, raspberry, caramel and milk chocolate along with a gentle floral undertone throughout. 
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$ 8.39

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We just can’t get enough of De La Finca’s family farms! This one is a new one for us coming from Delmer & Joel Banegas, cousins of DLF’s owner, Nelson Amador. Their farm, Finca El Conejo (The Rabbit’s Farm) is one of the few farms in Honduras’s Comayagua region focused on experimental cultivars and coffee processing. This coffee is one of their microlots from the 2023 season featuring the popular Pacamara cultivar. Pacamara is a hybrid of the Pacas and Maragoype varieties. Maragoype is a natural mutation of the ancient Typica variety which resulted in enormous beans with excellent flavor but with poor production. Pacas traces its lineage from the storied Bourbon variety and is known for being a hardy plant with high yield and vibrant cup quality. Together, the two were a match made in heaven and the resulting Pacamara beans are highly sought after by farmers and coffee drinkers alike!

Delmer and Joel did a fantastic job with this micro lot and it’s a wonderful showcase of Pacamara’s qualities. They decided to process this coffee fully washed, leaving its vibrant acidity intact along with a crystal clean finish. There’s a lovely floral undertone to the cup, but it’s a garnish, not front and center. For us, the main course was dried fruit such as currant and raisin along with ripe fig for a very warm and caramelly sweetness. The acidity presents with a raspberry zing along with a touch of lemon zest, but it’s well balanced in the cup. Finally, there’s a lovely milk chocolate or maybe cocoa powder notes throughout which grounds the cup well. Delicious straight up but pairs very well with cream and sugar.

Reminder! This coffee is raw, you must roast it before brewing

Arrival Date: November 17th, 2023. Harvest year: 2023, packed in GrainPro

Acidity & Brightness: Bright, crisp and slightly sweet

Balance & Finish: Well balanced with a quick, clean finish

Body & Texture: Full bodied with a creamy texture

Flavors: Dried currant, fig, caramel, raspberry and milk chocolate with floral tones

Grade: SHG-EP, grown at 1550 masl

Certifications:Direct trade, Organic & Bird friendly

Processing: Fully washed and dried in raised African style beds

Grower: Delmer & Joel Banegas | Finca el Conejo, De la Finca Coffee

Region: Los Planes, Comayagua, Honduras

Varietals: Pacamara

Recommended Roast Range: City+ to Full City + (Light-medium to medium-Dark

We like this coffee best at Full Medium (after 1st crack ends but before 2nd crack begins), but it will perform well nearly anywhere in the Light-medium to Medium-dark spectrum. Lighter roasts accent bright and vibrant acidity in the form of fresh raspberry and lemon zest along with more pronounced floral tones. Darker roasts will lose a bit of brightness in favor of body as well as bringing out more rounded sweetness and accent caramel and chocolate tones.

De La Finca Coffee - "De La Finca family members and fifth generation coffee farmers, Joel and Delmer, are two young entrepreneurs who were given a plot of land by Joel's father (Joel Banegas Sr, Finca Mira Flores) to start growing coffee. Delmer took full responsibility for maintaining the land and workers while Joel decided to go to college to study agricultural engineering and specialize in coffee. They have joined forces to make Finca el Conejo one of the few experimental coffee farms in the Comayagua region.”

Honduras Comayagua Finca El Conejo Pacamara Organic

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