Independance Day Sale!

Dear friends, this July 4th, join me in celebrating our Independence from mass produced chain coffee! And also Great Britain. Both!

This weekend I'm reminded of our struggle not only to free ourselves from taxation without representation, but also our freedom to roast our coffee any way we darn well please. And to help you exercise your hard won right to roast your own, we've got all Green Coffee on sale through July 4th:

Use code FREEDOM25 for 5% off orders of $25 or more

Use code FREEDOM50 for 10% off orders of $50 or more

Use code FREEDOM100 for 15% off orders of $100 or more

This includes our New Arrivals (4 Fresh ones just came in!) as well as discounts from buying in bulk bags. So grab yourself some of the good stuff, it's a free country after all!

From our family to yours, Happy Independence Day! We hope you have an awesome and fun filled weekend.

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