• 2 Brand Spanking New Coffees for the New Year!

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    We're a little late to the party but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's hoping your 2019 is wonderful, exciting and filled with amazing coffee! To help do our part, here's 2 brand spanking new coffees we're happy to share:


    Colombia Huila Naranjales Estate: Named for the orange trees also grown on the estate, this coffee is a knockout! Full bodied and creamy with a slightly crisp front end, everyone will love this one. Look for notes of brown sugar, red apple and vanilla.


    Burundi A Kayanza Matraco: This delightful coffee comes from a 4 time cup of excellence washing station and you can tell right away it's got pedigree! Crisp and very balanced with gentle sweetness and a silky body, this one is for folks who like they're coffee black (trust us, you won't miss the cream and sugar). Look for notes of lime zest, black tea, nectarine and sugar cane. 

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain is back!

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    You read that right folks! For a very limited time, we've got Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale in stock just in time for the holidays! 

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale: The Clydesdale estate is one of the oldest coffee producers in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Often imitated, never duplicated, this is stuff of legends. The best of island coffee is extremely balanced, smooth and subtle. Don't expect some wacky natural processed Ethiopia or super bold and spicy Sumatra, this coffee is gentle. Roast it light and drink it black! This year's harvest came down significantly in price (coffee prices swing wildly, this isn't a reflection on quality) so we're passing the savings on to you! We've got an extremely limited stock and won't be getting more for a long time, get it while it's hot and share with friends and family during the holidays!

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  • Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday Deals!

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    Howdy friends! Well, it's hard to believe it's that time of year already, time flies when you're drinking great coffee. First things first: We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat some great food, spend time with family and friends and relax. No rush, because these deals are running from Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday (23rd - 26th)! Without further ado:


    Gene Cafe

    Gene Cafe roasters are $50 off! That's right, through Monday, these incredible roasters are at the best price they'll ever be. Gene Cafe doesn't run many deals, in fact, this is really the only time they ever allow us to discount the price! Along with the discount, we're throwing in free shipping and 6 pounds of free coffee with every order. Don't miss this opportunity, these are the best roasters we sell and they're our favorite roasters for a reason, find out why!


    Black Friday free shipping

    Also, we'll be offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders! No order minimum and free to anywhere in the continental US! Just enter the discount code BLACKFRIDAY18 during checkout.


    Finally, due to high order volume over the weekend, please allow for a small delay in shipping, we'll get your coffee out ASAP! Have a great Thanksgiving friends!

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  • 2 Fresh Arrivals

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    Hi Friends! We're preparing ourselves for the holiday season (yes, we can't believe it's almost here either) and grabbing some fresh varietals to keep things...fresh! Without further ado...


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Coyequal Organic: Whew, we thought all the Huehuetenango's from this season were gone, but we snagged a late bloomer! This fantastic organic selection comes from the tiny village of El Coyequal which is situated in the heart of Huehuetenango. Slightly complex, rich and creamy with a surprising amount of sweetness, look for notes of cherry, orange and peach. 


    Nicaragua San Juan del Rio Coco Organic: Another surprising late season find! This delicious selection is very characteristic of great Nicaraguan coffee. Versatile yet singular, it works well with others while standing on it's own merits. Creamy, rich body gives way to a balanced profile with notes of cocoa powder and almond.

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  • 2 New Coffees!

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    Things are really getting cold quick up here in the Mountains! Thankfully we've got a huge stock of coffee with 2 new crops just sitting around here to keep us warm. Let's get right to the fun part, shall we?


    Kenya Peaberry Kabare Karani: As we near the end of the Kenyan crops, we thought it best to end on a bang! We haven't had a Kenyan Peaberry in some time, so we went all out with this one. This high scoring auction pick is absolutely stellar: exceptional balance, crisp front end and silky body throughout. For those who love a tannic finish to their Kenyan coffee, this one is a bit more subdued, or as we think, more refined and mature. Sweet notes of green apple, peach and grapefruit round out this spectacular coffee.


    Peru las damas San Igancio Organic

    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: Peruvian coffee has been a huge hit this season in our coffee shop! We can barely keep it around and folks are loving this year's harvest. As we make our way around the country, it just felt right to get our favorite crop from last year back for another go! These folks are at it again with another delicious offering: great balance, rich body and lovely notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, cherry and honey. Roast gentler than usual, these beans seem to perform best with the "low and slow" method!

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