• Jamaica Blue Mountain is back!

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    That's right folks, we're celebrating Christmas and New Years again this year with an order of Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale! This one of a kind coffee is the real deal and if you haven't treated your family and friends (much less yourself!) to this exclusive coffee, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate: This is the real deal folks, the creme de la creme. Jamaican Blue Mountain is a mild, subtle, gentle island coffee. This coffee defines smoothness. Outstanding balance and creamy milk chocolate tones. Keep the roast moderately light to protect those subtle flavors and enjoy a true connoisseur's cup. We have an extremely limited supply and it's going fast so don't wait!


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  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We hope your holiday is wonderful and you shared some of your freshly roasted coffee with friends and family. Now on to the exciting stuff! This year our deals for Black Friday through Cyber Monday are:

    - 50% off the first month of ANY Captain's Coffee Club Subscription! Grab one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, pause, restart or cancel at any time from your website account. For more info on how our TCC Club Subscriptions work, click here. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY50 during checkout to automatically get 50% off your first month.

    Gene Cafe Black Friday 2019

    - $50 off Gene Cafe Roasters! If you've been waiting to upgrade your roaster, there's no better time than now! Gene Cafe makes our absolute favorite home roaster, bar none. Did we mention we ship a Large Sampler of free green coffee with every Gene Cafe order? That's a $43.50 value!

    Free Shipping

    - Free shipping on ALL orders! Big or small, heavy or light, we're shipping all orders free through Cyber Monday! That's up to $14.95 in savings per order! Just use the code BLACKFRIDAYSHIP during checkout.

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  • New Direct Trade Coffee!

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    We are so excited to announce our next direct trade partnership! A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to meet Nelson Raul Amador, founder and owner of De La Finca Coffee Importers. Nelson is a fifth generation coffee farmer who decided to found an importing company to help his family and other coffee farmers establish direct trade relationships with roasters. 

    Here's more about De La Finca and Nelson in their own words:  

    At De La Finca, we understand both the needs of the coffee farmer and coffee roaster. A fifth generation coffee farmer, Nelson Raul Amador started De La Finca Coffee Importers in 2013 with the intention of supporting his family and other small coffee producers from his home country of Honduras

    Through direct trade partnerships, producers receive more money for their hard work producing coffee and roasters received ethically sourced, consistent, high quality coffee.

    We proudly import fair trade and organically farmed coffees and also partner with women-owned and operated farms. Through this supply chain model, we not only are able to empower and connect both farmers and roasters but we are also able to reinvest in local coffee growing communities through long-term school projects and initiatives, realizing our long-term vision for sustainable and independent communities.

    Nelson De La Finca

    “When I came to the United States to learn English, I was surprised to see how coffee produced by families like mine served as a main point of connection and conversation in the daily lives of so many Americans.” Nelson Raul Amador, Founder

    Upon quickly realizing coffee in the U.S. was sold at high prices through a complex import system leaving farmers with little profit, Nelson decided to initiate change. He started De La Finca Coffee Importers with the goal to eliminate the middlemen between producers and consumers.

    “Instead of seeing coffee pass through as many as 6-8 hands between farmers and consumers (as is usual in the coffee industry), I make genuine, direct connections between coffee roasters, consumers, and coffee producers, like my family.”


    Nelson's primary focus has been on Honduran coffee as that is his home country and where his family's farm is located, but he has been meeting farmers in other countries and slowly expanding the varieties and origins De La Finca provides. After trying several of Nelson's coffees, we knew which one we had to get first:

    Finca Santa Lucia

    Honduras Finca Santa Lucia Organic: Finca Santa Lucia is owned by Nelson's grandfather, Raul Rodriguez. Raul is a third generation coffee farmer who inherited his farm from his father, Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez. This is coffee with pedigree and you can taste the history of family innovation in every sip! It's incredibly clean, balanced, full bodied and just utterly delicious! Look for notes of milk chocolate, caramel and orange with an almond finish. Also available roasted!

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  • Just In: 2 Brand New, 2 old Favorites

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    That's right folks, 4 new arrivals just in! The first two will be brand new to us and the last two are returning favorites with fresh crops. Let's get to it!


    El Salvador Finca Hungria Organic: This coffee is easily the best El Salvadorian coffee we've gotten in several years! This single estate delight has surprisingly low acidity for a fully washed coffee along with excellent balance and gentle sweetness. We know you'll love the notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, orange and red apple. Did we mention it's got every certification known to coffee?! Check it out, you won't be disappointed.


    Sulawesi Toraja Sesean Sapan Organic: This amazing cup comes to us from the highest volcanic peaks of Indonesia. While it's got many characteristics of neighboring islands such as low acidity and syrupy body, this coffee carries a cleanness and refinement all it's own. If you like Sumatra but want something a little less...agresssive, this one's for you! Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cedar and vanilla.


    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic

    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: Back by popular demand! This year's crop of this Peruvian coffee is as good if not better than last years. We characterize this coffee, like most Peruvian coffees, as subtle and mild, yet anything but boring! Exceptional balance and a silky body give way to notes of dark chocolate, honey and tangerine followed by a clean, crisp finish.


    Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic

    Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic: Another returning fan favorite, this coffee always sells out quick! If Sulawesi is clean and refined while Sumatra is complex and aggressive, this coffee is smack in the middle. Low acidity with a rich and syrupy body followed by a lingering, spicy finish. Look for notes of black pepper, baker's chocolate, cedar and vanilla.

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  • 3 New Coffees Just in!

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    Hello friends! We just got a fresh shipment in and can't wait to share the new arrivals with you. Most of these coffees are returning favorites from past harvests and it's always a joy to see this year's crop be another resounding success. There's something for everyone here so don't miss your chance to try some of these amazing coffees.


    Kenya AA Maywal Estate: How did we go so long with a premium Kenya AA in stock?! Well we were waiting for the right one and we are extremely proud of this one. This coffee is the definition of the classic Kenya AA profile: big, bold body, crisp and citrusy front end, excellent balance and of course, a dry tannic finish. If that red wine profile is what you're looking for, look no further!


    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural: Back by popular demand, this year's crop of Idido natural did not disappoint! This coffee remains one of the most accessible Natural processed Yirgacheffes we've ever tried and is perfect for folks who may have been turned off by the intensity of natural processed coffees in the past. Surprisingly balanced and full bodied for a coffee of this variety, it features juicy blueberry and strawberry notes with a graham cracker finish. 


    Papua New Guinea Timuza Organic

    Papua New Guinea Timuza A/X Organic: This organic coffee took 1st place in Papua New Guinea's 2016 national coffee competition and just continues to impress us year after year. It's complex, spicy and full bodied with a silky texture. We love the warm notes of brown sugar, tangerine, cherry and milk chocolate and so will you!

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