• 2 Fresh Arrivals

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    Hi Friends! We're preparing ourselves for the holiday season (yes, we can't believe it's almost here either) and grabbing some fresh varietals to keep things...fresh! Without further ado...


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Coyequal Organic: Whew, we thought all the Huehuetenango's from this season were gone, but we snagged a late bloomer! This fantastic organic selection comes from the tiny village of El Coyequal which is situated in the heart of Huehuetenango. Slightly complex, rich and creamy with a surprising amount of sweetness, look for notes of cherry, orange and peach. 


    Nicaragua San Juan del Rio Coco Organic: Another surprising late season find! This delicious selection is very characteristic of great Nicaraguan coffee. Versatile yet singular, it works well with others while standing on it's own merits. Creamy, rich body gives way to a balanced profile with notes of cocoa powder and almond.

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  • 2 New Coffees!

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    Things are really getting cold quick up here in the Mountains! Thankfully we've got a huge stock of coffee with 2 new crops just sitting around here to keep us warm. Let's get right to the fun part, shall we?


    Kenya Peaberry Kabare Karani: As we near the end of the Kenyan crops, we thought it best to end on a bang! We haven't had a Kenyan Peaberry in some time, so we went all out with this one. This high scoring auction pick is absolutely stellar: exceptional balance, crisp front end and silky body throughout. For those who love a tannic finish to their Kenyan coffee, this one is a bit more subdued, or as we think, more refined and mature. Sweet notes of green apple, peach and grapefruit round out this spectacular coffee.


    Peru las damas San Igancio Organic

    Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: Peruvian coffee has been a huge hit this season in our coffee shop! We can barely keep it around and folks are loving this year's harvest. As we make our way around the country, it just felt right to get our favorite crop from last year back for another go! These folks are at it again with another delicious offering: great balance, rich body and lovely notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, cherry and honey. Roast gentler than usual, these beans seem to perform best with the "low and slow" method!

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  • Flores and Java are Back!

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    Hey friends! Despite the natural disasters that have been plaguing the good folks of Indonesia the past few weeks, the crops they harvested a few months ago are finally hitting the states. Our hearts go out to these amazing folks and we're going to continue to support the farmer's livelihoods by buying and enjoying their amazing coffee!


    Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic

    Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic: That's right, the komodo dragon is back! This coffee is definitely a fan favorite here at the shop, folks have been asking for it for months! More refined than Sumatra but more complex than Sulawesi, it's very similar to Bali in it's balance. Huge, syrupy body and notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla bean and a touch of cedar. Great for dark roasting!


    Java Kayumas Estate Organic: This delicious coffee is for folks who enjoy the big, rich body and low acidity of Indonesian coffee with a more balanced bent. Creamy, rich body and notes of dark chocolate, mild cherry and a hint of black pepper give way to a surprisingly clean finish. We like this one more medium roast but it can go dark with great results too!

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  • 2 New Crops Just In!

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    Well we made it through Florence with minimal problems, though areas that did receive more significant impact should expect possible shipping delays. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends on and near the coast who didn't escape so lightly, hope you are all safe and sound! In other news, we've got two new crops just in that we're excited to share with you!


    Peru La Florida Organic: Fans of sweet, refined and subtle coffee will love this crowd pleaser! It's got moderate acidity and a clean finish with a medium to full body with exceptional balance throughout. Look for notes of milk chocolate, orange and caramel. Also available pre-roasted for your immediate drinking pleasure!


    Honduras Royal Select Organic Decaf: Decaf drinkers rejoice! This swiss water processed decaf comes from our favorite Honduran coop, COMSA. Mild, drinkable and well balanced, it's got a nice creamy body and moderate acidity. Expect notes of milk chocolate, almond and graham cracker with a touch of lemon. 

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  • Bali Blue and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Are Back!

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    The wait is over folks! Two of our most popular coffees, Bali Blue Moon Organic and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, are finally in! See the details below and expect to see more delicious Indonesian harvests in the near future.


    Bali Blue Moon Organic

    Bali Blue Moon Organic: Known as the "Jewel of Indonesia" Bali produces some amazing coffee. Processed using the wet-hull method popular in Indonesia, it's very similar to it's neighbor, Sumatra, but with more of a refined finish and a bit less spicy bite. Syrupy and rich, look for notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla and a hint of cedar.


    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural: Fresh harvests of Yirgacheffe are finally hitting the states and just like last year, the Idido coop was the first to arrive. Lucky for us, it's also an amazing coffee! Off all the natural processed Yirgacheffes that come through, this coffee continues to be the most "accessible" one. Silky to creamy body with notes of blackberry, blueberry and cocoa, it's one the more balanced side for a natural processed coffee. 


    Can't be bothered roasting these fine specimens up? Don't worry, we can take the legwork out for you! Both new coffees are available pre-roasted fresh from our in house Ambex roaster.

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