• 2 Organic Favorites Return!

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    That's right, we're excited to have in fresh crops of two organic favorites from last year! Without further ado:


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic: From our favorite region of Guatemala, this single origin coffee is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Rich and bold, slightly complex and eminently drinkable, expect this coffee to be a bit sweeter than most Huehuetenangos. Look for notes of cocoa, tangerine, honey and peach.


    Rwanda Coopac Organic

    Rwanda Coopac Organic Fair Trade: Rwanda is one of the most overlooked origins but remains one of our favorites. We like to think of it as a balance of Ethiopian washed coffees and Kenyan coffees! Crisp, bright, balanced and slightly light, you'll love the notes of honey, rhubarb and lime soda.

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  • More, more, more!

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    Yet another week of new arrivals and restocks! Lots of wonderful new crops have been hitting the states in the last few weeks, which has made for a really exciting time here at the shop. Check out our newest additions!


    D.R. Congo Organic Kivu Botembo Village: The Democratic Republic of Congo is a relative newcomer to the world of Specialty Grade coffee. We're here to tell you that age don't mean a thing! This years crop is definitely the best we've had yet and the coffee still retains a character of African/Indonesian mashup. With low acidity and a depth of sweetness, it's got a rich, bold character and a long, satisfying finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, cola, plum and brown sugar.


    Costa Rica Naranjo la Rosa

    Costa Rica Naranjo la Rosa: That's right, fresh crops from Costa Rica are beginning to arrive and the Naranjo region is usually the first to be harvested. We love this coffee because it's got such a unique profile for coffee from this country. While most Costa Rican coffees tend to be delicate, bright and crisp, this coffee leans towards bold, rich and in your face. Look for notes of brown sugar, tangerine and plum with a velvety body.

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  • Tanzania Peaberry is Back!

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    We got in a big restock this week, but the real news is we just got a new lot of Tanzania Northern Peaberry! This is one of our favorite lots yet, so if you're a Peaberry fan, you don't wanna miss it:


    Tanzania Northern Peaberry

    Tanzania Northern Peaberry: Folks just can't seem to get enough of this funky little bean and we can understand why! It's subtly African in profile but with much less winey-ness. Slightly crisp without a bite, balanced and flavorful, this coffee is classically Tanzanian. Look for notes of milk chocoalte, tangerine and just a hint of mild lime. We've also got it roasted!


    If you missed it last week, we just got a restock of Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca el Injertal; get it while it's hot! Other popular restocks include Sulawesi Rantekarua Estate Organic and Sumatra Mandheling for you Indonesian fans out there. All three of these are available roasted as well!

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  • These New Coffees are Thrice as Nice!

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    It's been a bit since we had a big restock and new arrivals, but I guarantee you it's been worth the wait! Well then, no need to keep you in suspense, away we go!


    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso Washed: We may as well begin with the real showstopper of this week because this coffee is a masterclass in Washed Yirgacheffe coffee! No remember, don't expect the twisty, fruity profile of a natural Yirgacheffe, the difference is night and day. With this coffee, expect a crisp, fresh lemongrass front end, followed by a silky body with notes of peach and honey. Top it all off with a quick, floral honeysuckle finish and you've got the perfect Spring afternoon iced coffee.


    Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Injertal: That's right folks, it's back! Huehuetenango coffee is one of the most popular coffees we carry and with good reason: it's slightly complex without being over the top, has a big, rich body, it's sweet but not too sweet and it takes all levels of roasting like a champ. This single estate is one of our favorites and it's got everything you're looking for. Look for notes of milk chocolate, cherry, peach and honey.


    Mexico Huatusco Altura

    Mexico Huatusco Altura: Coffee from Chiapas and Oaxaca have been hit or miss the last few years, but Huatusco has been consistently delicious so we keep coming back for more! This season's crop is balanced and just slightly crisp with a creamy, rich body. You'll love the notes of dark chocolate, red apple and cherry. Keep in mind while roasting, this is a softer bean than other Central American beans, so the rule of thumb is low and slow for best results.


    We also restocked the funky India Monsooned Malabar which is an all-star in espresso blends and makes for a really unique single origin cup. Just keep in mind the beans are huge! Those of you looking for Bali Blue Moon, we've got ya covered too! The Organic version is currently unavailable, but keep in mind, the two coffees are grown and processed exactly the same! The producer simply decided to not get the entire crop Certified as it significantly increases the cost of production as well as the final cost of the coffee to the customer. Enjoy the savings!

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  • 2 New Coffees

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    Ok, I'll admit it: last week's blog about ringing in the Spring might have been premature. We got blasted by another winter surge here in the mountains, but I guess Winter needed one last hurrah. Oh well, at least we've got plenty of coffee to keep us warm while we wait it out! Speaking of which, here's two fresh arrivals that will do just that:


    Honduras Nueva Esperanza Organic: Nueva Esperanza means "New Hope" and we can't think of a more aptly named coffee to keep our hopes up about upcoming warmer weather! Creamy and full bodied, it's a very versatile coffee that will take a wide range of roast levels well. Look for notes of cocoa, almond and just a hint of lime.


    Peru La Florida Organic

    Peru La Florida Organic: Another delightfully versatile coffee, this Peruvian errs on the side of mild and easy going. It's highly drinkable with a medium to full body and a clean, quick finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, tangerine and mild lemon.  

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