• New Year, New Coffee

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    It's a brand new year, friends! In the past few years, we've seen more and more folks join the home roasting fold and we're so excited for what this year holds in store! Each year, more and more amazing coffees are making it to our markets and we can't wait to see what new crops and estates are yet to arrive! Today we're proud to introduce two brand new coffees and a new crop from an old favorite. On to the good stuff!


    Sulawesi Rantekarua Organic: This coffee is definitely a first for us. Not only is it our first organic Sulawesi, it's also fully washed! Unlike it's typical semi-washed counterpart, this coffee is much cleaner and has a more crisp front end, yet it still maintains the legendary body and syrupy texture. You'll love it's balance and notes of butterscotch, molasses and cocoa powder.


    Colombia Huila Atprocafes Organic: Another first for us! This is our first coffee from Huila and we were totally wowed. It's bright without being overwhelming, sweet without being cloying and balanced as all get out. We found it to have a substantial body and creamy texture with notes of caramel, red apple, tangerine and honey.


    Peru El Cautivo Organic

    Peru El Cautivo Organic: We had this coffee for the first time last year and we couldn't wait to try this season's crop. True to form, it's easy going and subdued with a medium body and silky texture. It's perfectly versatile, whether you want to roast it dark or light, it makes for a great blender and it's a great coffee to enjoy black or with cream and sugar. Look for subtle hints of cashew butter, milk chocolate and just a touch of peach.


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  • 4 New Arrivals!

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    We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We enjoyed a little time away but it feels great to be back, especially with 4 new coffees to be excited about! Let's dive right in:


    Bali Kintamani Natural Organic: Holy cow are we excited about this one. We've been keeping our eyes open for this gem for months! It's the exact same crop as our Bali Blue Moon but processed completely differently. Same big, syrupy body but with much more complexity of flavor. Look for big, juicy notes of strawberry, dark cherry and cocoa powder. Try the two coffees side by side to really taste the difference processing makes!


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc: Bold and buttery smooth, this coffee is an instant classic. Just a touch of earthy complexity and loads of milk chocolate with just a hint of orange are sure to make this coffee one you reach for often. 


    Burundi A KawazamurabaweOk, we usually take pains to learn and pronounce coffee origins and coops, but this one has us stumped. Kawa-za-more-a-ba-way? Say that 5 times fast! Either way, this coffee is stellar. Subtle and easy-going with exceptional balance and crisp, slightly sweet tones. Look for notes of lime zest, white grapefruit and peach.


    Papua New Guinea Timuza Organic

    Papua New Guinea Timuza A/X Organic: Last, but certainly not least, we were extremely excited to see this award winning coffee return. Winner of the 2016 national coffee competition, the Timuza coop is doing some really incredible work. This crop is no exception! It's complex and spicy with a lingering finish and rich body. We really enjoyed the warm notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, caramel and orange.

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  • New Kenya AA

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    Howdy Friends! We hope everyone got an opportunity to take advantage of our Black Friday sale! Just in the nick of time for a delicious Christmas treat, we've got an absolutely knock-out Kenya AA in from the Nairobi Auction. 


    Kenya Mukuyuni AA: This AA Auction lot from the Mukuyuni Cooperative Society is big, bold and rich. A red-wine acidity gives way to rich flavors of red apple, raisin and apricot with a slightly herbaceous finish. We particularly love the silky mouthfeel and superb balance of flavors! 

    In addition to this winner, we also restocked all our current favorites including Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic and Bali Blue Moon Organic. Feeling pressured to get all your gifts roasted? Check out our updated Roasted Selections for a quick gift in a snap and let us do the work for you!

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  • Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Deals!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We hope you enjoy your time giving thanks with family and friends as much as we plan to. For those of you who'd like to catch our yearly Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, it's back again!

    That's right, Free Shipping on ALL Orders Black Friday thru Cyber Monday! Simply enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY17 at checkout to take advantage!

    A quick note: Please allow a little additional time to receive your order as we are planning on taking some time off ourselves to spend with loved ones! We plan to have all orders from the weekend out and on their way to you by Wednesday 11/29 at the very latest. Thanks for your patience and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • 2 Favorites Return

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    Coffee harvests can be just a little (or a lot) different each year. That's why it's always exciting and just a little bit unnerving when we get a new crop in from a favorite estate or coop. Well, you can breath a sigh of relief, these two old favorites are just as good as last year if not better!


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto Organic: Coffees from Huehuetenango are far and away our best selling coffees from the Americas. They're complex, full-bodied and handle most levels of roasting really well. It's rare, however, for us to find an organic one! Well, we're pleased to bring you this offering from the Adiesto Coop! It's got everything you love about coffee from this region with the feel-good component of being organic. Look for notes of cocoa, tangerine, honey and raw sugar. Sure to please every coffee lover!


    Honduras Royal Reserva Natural Organic: Speaking of rare finds, how often do you see a completely natural processed coffee from the Americas?! Sure, lately the honey processing method (which is a semi-washed method) is becoming more and more popular, but completely dry processing remains an unusual find. One of our favorite importers, Royal NY, partnered with the COMSA coop in Honduras to bring you this special treat. It's twisty and juicy with big notes of cherry, peach and strawberry jam. 

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