• Ringin' in Spring with some fresh crops!

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    That's right folks, Spring is finally here and we're bringing it in with style! Two of our favorite coffees are back in, the weather is warming up and life's good.


    Colombia Sierra Nevada Sol Naciente Organic: Mmm, mmm are we happy to have this coffee back! It's a crowd-pleasing Colombian with excellent balance, creamy body and a gently crisp front end. You're gonna love the notes of cherry, orange, peach and caramel.


    Uganda Bugisu AA Organic: This big, beautiful bean's got more certifications than you can shake a stick at. Fair Trade, UTZ, RFA, Shade Grown and Organic just to name a few! Besides all the acronyms, this coffee is also superb with just a touch of Kenyan winy-ness and a buttery body. Look for notes of cocoa powder, molasses and cherry with unusually mild acidity.


    We've also got our new coffees pre-roasted for your brewing pleasure! So grab a few, brew up some iced coffee and enjoy watching Spring bloom!

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  • Fresh Crops Just In!

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    Well the tail end of February was a pleasant surprise but it looks like Winter isn't quite done yet! As we patiently await Spring, here's some new arrivals to keep you warm:


    Peru Sol y Cafe

    Peru Sol y Cafe Organic: We're so pleased to have a fresh crop from one of our favorite Peruvian co-ops! This coffee is a definite crowd pleaser. Creamy and mild with a clean finish. It's got sweet notes of milk chocolate, tangerine and cherry. It's also extremely versatile and will take many different roast levels with ease!


    Guatemala Huehuetenango Decaf Organic: Great news for folks who love Decaf (or who just want an evening cup that won't keep you jazzed all night)! Our Decaf Guatemala Huehuetenango is back and it's Organic! Now you can have all the rich, bold texture, slight complexity and notes of caramel, milk chocolate and honey you love in Decaf form. And you can feel great about it since it's Organic and Fair Trade to boot!


    Don't forget to check our updated Roasted Offerings as well! You can get all these new crops and other favorites freshly roasted right to your door. Or you know that friend who's always bugging you for your coffee? Send em our way and keep all your hard earned coffee to yourself!

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  • 3 New Arrivals

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    Happy new coffee day, friends! We've got three new ones for ya and don't dare miss number 3!


    Java Jampit Estate: With a name that sounds like a reggae band, how can you go wrong? This coffee is fully washed, resulting in an unusually balanced Indonesian coffee while still retaining the characteristic syrupy, rich body. Great for medium to dark roasts, you'll love the bittersweet baker's chocolate, toffee and cinnamon that results in a lingering, spicy finish!


    Honduras Manos de Mujer

    Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic: This has been one of our favorite Honduran coffees the past few years and it continues to deliver! Hand selected from one the best coops in Honduras, it's fairly balanced with a rich body and creamy texture. Luscious notes of caramel, tangerine, lemon and dark chocolate. Definitely the crowd pleaser of the bunch!


    Kenya AA Nyeri Boma: Finally, it's the creme de la creme! We had this estate's Peaberry last year and were blown away. The AA is an absolute study is great Kenyan coffee! Dry, tannic finish without the overwhelming "winey" flavor and all with superb balance throughout the cup. A crisp front end leads to rich body and silky smooth texture. Look for subtle notes of grapefruit, lime and raspberry.

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  • This Just In!

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    Hey Friends! We've got some exciting new arrivals just in to help you survive the frigid Winter, let the countdown to Spring begin!

    Brazil Fazenda Saquarema Organic: It's been a while since we supplemented our Brazil selection so we jumped on this treat as soon as it was available. Like most Brazilian coffees, it's natural processed and low grown, so take it low and slow on the roasting and you'll love the results! Slightly complex, low acidity with a silky texture and peanut buttery finish. Notes of cocoa powder and almond. Perfect for Italian style espresso or as a single origin drip!

    Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes: We tend to focus a lot on the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala and sometimes we forget how amazing coffees from the other regions are! This coffee from Antigua has a history going back to the 1950s and the pedigree really shines. Slightly more crisp and sweet than it's Huehuetenango neighbor, this coffee is rich and velvety with notes of caramel, milk chocolate and orange.

    Tanzania Ruvuma AA: Another coffee often overshadowed, but this time by it's Peaberry counterpart. If you're a fan of Tanzanian Peaberry, do yourself a favor and try this larger bean! It's got many of the same characteristics: excellent balance, smooth texture and pleasant notes of black tea, peach and tangerine. If anything, we find these characteristics a bit more pronounced in the AA version and it roasts very evenly as well!

    Tired of roasting coffee for everyone but yourself? We're always updating our Roasted Offerings! Send your neighbors to us and we'll be sure not to disappoint!

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  • Local Pick Up Shipping

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    Hi Friends! Just a quick notice for our local customers:

    We always want our local friends to be able to pick up their coffee in store with no delivery charge, after all, you're doing the delivery yourself! However, we are having consistent issues with the "Local Pick Up" delivery option on our site and we regret that until we can work out a long term solution, we will have to remove it.

    In the meantime: we are still more than happy to provide our local friends with the same service! If you are a local customer and want to pick up your own order at our store, simply email us at for a coupon code which will subtract shipping charges from your order! This code will be able to be used multiple times so you will only have to email us once. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to seeing you in our store soon! 

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