Local Pick Up Shipping

Hi Friends! Just a quick notice for our local customers:

We always want our local friends to be able to pick up their coffee in store with no delivery charge, after all, you're doing the delivery yourself! However, we are having consistent issues with the "Local Pick Up" delivery option on our site and we regret that until we can work out a long term solution, we will have to remove it.

In the meantime: we are still more than happy to provide our local friends with the same service! If you are a local customer and want to pick up your own order at our store, simply email us at info@thecaptainscoffee.com for a coupon code which will subtract shipping charges from your order! This code will be able to be used multiple times so you will only have to email us once. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to seeing you in our store soon! 

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