Fully Loaded! 9 New Coffees, Roasters Restocked & More!

At long last, it's finally here. The long awaited restock has arrived and it is a doozy! We've got 9 brand spankin' new coffees, a restock of Fresh Roast SR540s and SR800s as well as Fresh Roast Extension tubes and parts! Oh and all our new coffees are available Roasted as well! Without further ado, let's get into it:

Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic: This one's the star of the show! Manos de Mujer represents everything amazing that coffee can be: Organic, traceable, meticulously harvested and processed and finally, it puts the people working the farms and their well being first. The best part? This year they produced their usual fully washed coffee as well as a honey and natural version and we got all three! You can try them individually or receive a pound of each for a discount in our Trio Bundle.

Bolivia Caranavi Peaberry Organic: This is an extremely rare find! Bolivia produces very little specialty grade coffee so finding a premium one that is also peaberry and organic? Needle in a haystack. Don't miss this one! It's subtle yet flavorful, balanced yet tangy and the flavor profile can shift more than you'd expect based on roast level which gives it tons of versatility. Lighter roasts (where we get the most unique character) will have sparkling lemon notes, subtle exotic spiciness reminiscent of Darjeeling tea, honey sweetness and a floral undertone.

Kenya Muranga New Kiriti Gondo AA: This coffee was a fun selection for us; we wanted a super premium Kenyan coffee but with a more unique profile. This selection was exactly what we were looking for and even managed to exceed our expectations. Kenyan coffee is known for it's exceptional body but this coffee is downright syrupy in texture! Think "fruit jam" and you'll be in the ballpark. There's a delightful red grapefruit and plum tangy-ness on the front end rounded out by sweet milk chocolate and something herbaceous and savory I can't quite put my finger on...oregano? Bergamot? I dunno but it's delicious!


Guatemala Manos Campesinas San Marcos Organic: This delicious coffee hails from the often overlooked region of San Marcos, which is surprising considering it's got all the prime ingredients for growing amazing coffee. An ever so gently crisp front end gives way to a buttery rich body with a clean finish. The flavors are balanced and very sweet with notes of apple juice, honeydew and cane sugar accompanied by a pleasant floral undertone.


Rwanda Dukunde Kawa Nkara: This coffee proves that Rwandan coffee isn't a one-dimensional origin in the best way possible. Unlike past offerings from Rwanda, this coffee is bold, flavorful and even slightly complex. Look for warm, sweet notes of cinnamon, raisin, honey and milk chocolate.

Mexico Chiapas Rosalba Cifuentes Mayan Harvest: This coffee comes from 4 family farms, all owned by relatives, in the highlands of the Chiapas region of Mexico. It's clear this family cares about their coffee from the first sip. It's a deliciously bright, warm and balanced cup with decadent notes of dark chocolate, caramel and orange.

Colombia Santander Organic Water Process Decaf: Rounding out our new selections today is a classic high-grown Colombia coffee in water processed decaf form. Highly drinkable and versatile it makes for a great blender as well as a easy going single origin cup. Notes of milk chocolate and subtle orange with a slightly nutty finish.

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