5 New Coffees Just In!

You read it right folks, we've got 5 new coffees just in! We've got something for everyone, from African to Central American to Decaf! Without further ado:

Kenya Peaberry Plus: Don't let the bland name of this selection fool you, it's a hand selected blend of some of the best Peaberrys the Kenya Auction Lot has to offer! Subtle, easy going and exceptionally well balanced, expect this one to go down smooth and leave you wanting more. Look for tangy and sweet notes of grapefruit, orange and sweet lemon. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe GERA Natural: We're always excited to find high grade natural processed Ethiopian coffees and we're pleased to share this one! Twisty, fruity, silky, complex and surprisingly full bodied. You'll love the big, juicy notes of strawberry and peach with just a touch of cocoa powder.

Tanzania Peaberry Selian Estate: Another peaberry?! You betcha. Similar to the Kenya, this coffee is going to err on the subtle and slightly tangy side, but with a cleaner finish than the tannic Kenyan. Expect more of a crisp front end with a medium, almost tea-like body. Notes of cocoa powder, lemon and lime. 

Nicaragua Alta de Jinotega Organic: This coffee is always a delight to have around because it's just such a hard working coffee! It takes so many roast levels well, it blends well and it stands up great all on it's own. Perfect for a warm, full bodied morning cup as well as a strong afternoon pick me up. Creamy, balanced and buttery with a nutty finish, you'll find notes of milk chocolate, caramel and almond.

Guatemala Royal Select Water Process Decaf: Think Huehuetenango in decaf form. Rich, slightly complex and full bodied. If you're looking for your Guatemala fix and can't take the caffeine, you're going to love this coffee! Familiar notes of dark chocolate, caramel and mild lemon abound. 

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