New Coffees & New Emails!

Hey friends! Sorry we've been so quiet lately! We've been working on a new email system for our loyal subscribers that should provide a lot more features. We're still working on the finer points, but it should be ready to test. The new subscriber sign-up should now be much less obtrusive as well so no more annoying pop-up when you visit. As always, please provide us with your feedback on it as that helps us out so much! Without further ado, we've also got 2 new coffees in:


Honduras Royal Reserve Honey Organic: We are so excited to have this coffee back! If you haven't tried a honey processed coffee before, you owe it to yourself to try this one. Honey process is a mix of fully washed and natural processing which provides the funky, sweetness of natural while retaining the crisp, bright front end of washed. The result is tangy, twisty and just downright fun! Think caramel covered granny smith apple.


Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic: This tiny co-op in the mountains of Northern Chiapas (please don't ask us to pronounce it) only exports one container of coffee a year, so we feel fortunate yet again to get some in the store! Like most Mexican coffee, it's a bit of a softer bean, so roast low and slow for best results. Easy going and highly drinkable, it's warm and comforting. Look for notes of cocoa powder and cherry with a lingering chocolate finish.

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