Ethiopian Fully Washed just in (it's Organic too!)

Hey friends! It's been a while (ok longer than we'd like to admit) since we got in a fully Washed Ethiopian coffee. The time has finally come! Several other coffees have come in recently as well so I'll try to catch everyone up on our new arrivals:


Ethiopia Sidamo Telamo Washed Organic: As promised! Remember that washed Ethiopian coffees are very different from their natural processed counterparts. This one is silky, very balanced and light. The front end is crisp and the finish is refreshing, perfect for iced coffee now that the weather is warming. Look for notes of sweet lemon, raspberry and honey.


Honduras Nueva Esperanza Organic: Honduran coffees are finally beginning to arrive so expect more to come! This early offering is easy going and well rounded. A creamy body and smooth front end give way to a clean finish. Look for notes of milk chocolate, almond and lemon.


Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca el Injertal: Our first Huehue of the season! One of our favorites in recent years, this estate continues to impress. Slight complexity and rich body along with moderate acidity and a long finish make this one a fan favorite. This year's crop has notes of milk chocolate, white sugar, pear and caramel. Mmmmm sweet!

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