4 Old Favorites Return!

Hey Friends! We hope all of you are continuing to stay safe during this challenging time. We're excited to announce that we've got 4 fresh harvests just in, all returning favorites!

Kenya Nyeri Boma AA: We had the pleasure of trying this coffee a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, this year's harvest is the best yet! Bright and crisp but balanced with unusually high sweetness, it's got amazing body and a silky texture. A slightly tannic finish but less "winey" than most Kenyan coffees. Look for notes of grapefruit, papaya and plum.

Peru Sol y Cafe

Peru Sol y Cafe Organic: This coffee is always a favorite of ours when it's harvest season comes up. While we would describe it as subtle and mild compared to most coffees, it's surprisingly bold for a Peruvian coffee. Balanced and easy going, look for notes of milk chocolate, caramel and mild lemon.

Guatemala Huehuetenango el Injertal Organic

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca de Injertal: This estate always proves to be a top seller for us! It's as good as Huehuetenango coffee gets. Slightly complex, bold and flavorful, it is delicious by itself and also brings plenty to the table in blends. Try a variety of roast levels! Right at full city to full city + you'll find notes of dark chocolate, caramel and meyer lemon with an almond finish.

Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic

Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Organic: Another returning favorite that just gets better with every harvest! Exceptionally balanced and clean with a medium to light body and silky sweet texture. Lovers of light to medium roasts will get the most out of this offering! Expect notes of caramel, sweet orange and red apple.


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