Honey Processed Honduras Returns and More!

Hello friends! Hope all of you are continuing to stay well and healthy as always! We've got some exciting new arrivals in, 4 to be exact, including a direct trade honey processed Honduras.

Honduras Finca Mira Flores Honey Organic: From our direct trade partner, De La Finca Coffee, comes another fantastic family offering and this time it's Honey Processed! For those unfamiliar, Honey Processing brings the best of both worlds from fully washed beans as well as natural processed beans. Slightly complex, moderately bright and very sweet, it's got a silky body and a quick, clean finish. Look for notes of caramel, red apple and rich brown sugar.

Ethiopia Sidamo Durato Bombe Natural: It strikes us lately that we give too much love to coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia and leave out other stellar offerings from the Sidamo region! Well, it's time to change that. This amazing coffee has surprisingly huge body for a natural processed coffee along with the expected crisp front end and complex, sweet flavors. Expect super juicy notes of blueberry, pineapple and plum with a lingering brown sugar finish.

Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic

Mexico Chiapas Tzeltal Tzotzil Organic: Don't ask us to pronounce it, all we know is that it's great coffee! This tiny coop from the Chiapas region produces some of the best Mexican coffee we've had in years. Highly drinkable, slightly complex and a warm, lingering chocolate finish. Look for notes of milk chocolate, honey and cherry.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Cafe de Mujeres Organic: This small selection from the ASOBAGRI coop from Huehuetenango is simply superb stuff! A bit more balanced and clean than other coffees from the region with the same rich body and creamy texture. Enjoy notes of caramel, meyer lemon and pear.

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