4 New Coffees

Hey Friends! The long awaited restock is here! Ahh, happiness is a full heart and full bags of coffee. Speaking of happiness, thanks to a very astute customer, we were informed there was more Ethiopia Sidama Bombe and Colombia Pink Bourbon floating around! Well you know I couldn't resist bringing those tasty treats back. Of course we also picked up some brand new coffees and you're definitely not gonna wanna miss em, especially these first two!

Ecuador Hacienda la Papaya Oak Barrel Typica Natural: To call this coffee a rare treat would be an understatement. This microlot from Juan Peña is a single variety (Typica) that's been fermented in oak barrels before being natural processed making for an intense and unique cup. Complex with a full body and silky texture, it's intensely fruity with notes of nectarine, mixed berries, tropical fruit and, as you might expect, oak! Note: we decided not to include this coffee in the Captain's Gold samplers even though it would have taken the #1 spot! Its price point and limited nature simply puts it in a separate category.


Ecuador Morona Santiago Juan Peña Taisha Blend: If you're looking for something more conventional from Juan Peña, check this one out! Produced from local cultivars by 25 small holders from Taisha in collaboration with exporter Juan Peña, this coffee is seriously indulgent. Rich, velvety body with huge notes of dark chocolate brownie, hazelnut and caramel. Captain's Gold top 3 pick!

Sulawesi Toraja Bolokon Natural Organic: This coffee comes from one of our favorite Indonesian estates: Rantekarua. Rantekarua is a leader in coffee innovation in the region and have extended their selections to include this delicious natural processed offering. It's tangy, sweet and intense with a surprisingly clean finish. Look for notes of guava, pineapple, blackberry & cocoa. Captain's Gold top 6 pick!

Colombia Tolima Planadas Organic: This easy drinking offering comes to us from farmers in the Tolima region around the city of Planadas. It's rich, smooth, balanced and creamy. We get big notes of fudge along with hints of pomegranate, cherry and orange zest. Captain's Gold top 6 pick!

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