5 New Coffees

Hey Friends! I know we haven't reached out to wish you a Happy New Year so...HAPPY NEW YEAR! We've been busy shoveling ourselves out of some severe winter weather so we could keep getting orders shipped. Gratefully there's been a week of melting now and things can hopefully return to normal. We want to thank each of you for making 2021 TCC's best year yet! We're working really hard to keep making TCC better and better, including a big website re-design slated to be finished by the end of Winter. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions for features you'd like to see on our site! Oh, and we've got some awesome new coffees for you that are gonna knock your socks off. This first one has taken the #1 spot on our "Captain's Gold" list, so don't miss it:

Colombia El Alquimista Red Honey Pink Bourbon: "El Alquimista" means "The Alchemist" and this microlot fits the name perfectly. It tastes like a potion created in a wizard's tower. It's got gentle lime acidity, a smooth, silky texture and a super clean finish. It's juicy sweet with big notes of grape, raspberry and honey. May or may not give you magical powers. It only took one sip to grab the #1 spot on our Captain's Gold list, but I definitely finished the rest of the cup, just to be sure. And the next one too. Can't be too careful...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Banko Taratu Natural: Berry bomb alert! This Natural Yirgacheffe from the Banko Taratu washing station is jammy, juicy and chock full of blueberry and blackberry. It's complex and funky with an undercurrent of dark chocolate and a surprisingly clean hibiscus finish. Qualified for the #2 slot on our Captain's Gold list!

Costa Rica Perez Zeledon Organic: This delicious coffee is open and expressive. Bright and lively acidity on the high end, deep, rich textures on the low end and a pleasant current of well balanced flavors and body in the middle. Look for notes of dried cherry, orange, caramel and milk chocolate. This one nearly broke our top 3 on the Captain's Gold, but I just can't seem to let go of Nicaragua Grupo Eden yet!

Guatemala Huehuetenango Rio Azul: Huehue fans rejoice! This coffee is big, bold and robust. Mild acidity and slight complexity combined with a rich, buttery texture make it an excellent single origin cup and a great choice for adding "oompf" to any blend. Look for warm notes of caramel, fig and baker's chocolate.

Peru Aromas del Valle Organic: This selection is surprisingly bold for a Peruvian coffee. While it has the characteristic gentle brightness and clean finish, the texture is definitely more creamy and it toes the line between balanced and complex. The flavors of orange peel, cola and cocoa powder are much more pronounced than we usually expect.

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