1 Regular and 1 Decaf Please

New coffee day brings two to choose from this week: one for the morning and one for night!

Peaberry Coffee Beans

Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus: It's been too long since we found a Tanzanian Peaberry we were excited to share with our fellow coffee fanatics, but we finally found one! The "Plus" grade means it's been sorted and processed with special care for an unbelievably consistent roast and flavor. We love the silky, smooth texture and bright front end with notes of orange, lime and a touch of raspberry. Very aromatic and crisp without the bite!

Guatemala Royal Select Water Decaf: Decaffeinated using the chemical-free water processing method, this fine coffee has all the things you love about your favorite Guatemala Huehuetenango without the burden of losing sleep. You'll find a rich, flavorful body with sweet notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Remember to watch your heat when roasting decaf! Go too dark and it'll taste all....decaf-ey. 

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