Kenya AA is back!

Howdy friends! Fresh harvests from East Africa are beginning to hit the states and we were fortunate to snag an exceptional Kenya AA from the Nairobi Auction as well as a delightful Colombia Tolima!

Kenya AA Kiruga Estate: This single estate gem is a connoisseur's dream! It's got a bit less of that "winey" taste that can turn some folks off which still retaining a dry and slightly tannic finish. Crisp, fresh lime on the front end gives way to exceptionally balanced notes of honey and grapefruit with a full, silky body throughout. 

Colombia Tolima Organic: We've been focusing on the Sierra Nevada region lately and thought we'd switch things up so we don't miss some great Tolima! A bit more subtle yet sweeter than other Colombian coffees, this one still retains great body and a creamy texture. Look for well balanced notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and orange. 

For those who've been eagerly awaiting fresh crops from Indonesia, keep your eyes peeled! We hope to see more Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and even Flores in the next month!

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