Labor Day Restock

Howdy friends and Happy Labor Day! We've just got a huge restock in with some old favorites as well as something new:


Nicaragua Alta de Jinotega: This delightful and versatile coffee comes from the highest (Alta) area of the Jinotega Mountains of Nicaragua. Well balanced with a buttery body, it's got warm notes of milk chocolate, almond and a touch of caramel. A decadent single origin and a perfect blender, it also takes many roast levels well. 


Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1: From the heights of the famous Gayo Mountain comes this syrupy and bold treat. Known for its low acidity and huge body, this classic coffee has big notes of baker's chocolate, cedar with a spicy bite. It takes dark roasts like a champ and makes for a perfect addition in a smokey West Coast style espresso.


Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc

Guatemala Huehuetenango Huixoc: This coffee farm is literally next door to the El Injertal farm! Boasting most of the same characteristics including slight complexity and a rich, creamy body, this coffee is a superb example of the best Huehuetenango has to offer. Look for notes of dark chocolate, lemon and a hint of orange. 


Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic

Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic: This is a coffee we always look forward to every year! Hand selected from the best the COMSA cooperative has to offer, this coffee is well balanced and surprisingly full bodied for a Honduran coffee. Look for sweet notes of honey, tangerine and dark chocolate. 


All these coffees will also be featured on our roasted coffee selections! Also, please allow extra time on shipping for orders placed this weekend due to the Holiday. Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone!

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