Fresh Crops Just In!

Well the tail end of February was a pleasant surprise but it looks like Winter isn't quite done yet! As we patiently await Spring, here's some new arrivals to keep you warm:


Peru Sol y Cafe

Peru Sol y Cafe Organic: We're so pleased to have a fresh crop from one of our favorite Peruvian co-ops! This coffee is a definite crowd pleaser. Creamy and mild with a clean finish. It's got sweet notes of milk chocolate, tangerine and cherry. It's also extremely versatile and will take many different roast levels with ease!


Guatemala Huehuetenango Decaf Organic: Great news for folks who love Decaf (or who just want an evening cup that won't keep you jazzed all night)! Our Decaf Guatemala Huehuetenango is back and it's Organic! Now you can have all the rich, bold texture, slight complexity and notes of caramel, milk chocolate and honey you love in Decaf form. And you can feel great about it since it's Organic and Fair Trade to boot!


Don't forget to check our updated Roasted Offerings as well! You can get all these new crops and other favorites freshly roasted right to your door. Or you know that friend who's always bugging you for your coffee? Send em our way and keep all your hard earned coffee to yourself!

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