3 New Arrivals

Happy new coffee day, friends! We've got three new ones for ya and don't dare miss number 3!


Java Jampit Estate: With a name that sounds like a reggae band, how can you go wrong? This coffee is fully washed, resulting in an unusually balanced Indonesian coffee while still retaining the characteristic syrupy, rich body. Great for medium to dark roasts, you'll love the bittersweet baker's chocolate, toffee and cinnamon that results in a lingering, spicy finish!


Honduras Manos de Mujer

Honduras Manos de Mujer Organic: This has been one of our favorite Honduran coffees the past few years and it continues to deliver! Hand selected from one the best coops in Honduras, it's fairly balanced with a rich body and creamy texture. Luscious notes of caramel, tangerine, lemon and dark chocolate. Definitely the crowd pleaser of the bunch!


Kenya AA Nyeri Boma: Finally, it's the creme de la creme! We had this estate's Peaberry last year and were blown away. The AA is an absolute study is great Kenyan coffee! Dry, tannic finish without the overwhelming "winey" flavor and all with superb balance throughout the cup. A crisp front end leads to rich body and silky smooth texture. Look for subtle notes of grapefruit, lime and raspberry.

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