Ringin' in Spring with some fresh crops!

That's right folks, Spring is finally here and we're bringing it in with style! Two of our favorite coffees are back in, the weather is warming up and life's good.


Colombia Sierra Nevada Sol Naciente Organic: Mmm, mmm are we happy to have this coffee back! It's a crowd-pleasing Colombian with excellent balance, creamy body and a gently crisp front end. You're gonna love the notes of cherry, orange, peach and caramel.


Uganda Bugisu AA Organic: This big, beautiful bean's got more certifications than you can shake a stick at. Fair Trade, UTZ, RFA, Shade Grown and Organic just to name a few! Besides all the acronyms, this coffee is also superb with just a touch of Kenyan winy-ness and a buttery body. Look for notes of cocoa powder, molasses and cherry with unusually mild acidity.


We've also got our new coffees pre-roasted for your brewing pleasure! So grab a few, brew up some iced coffee and enjoy watching Spring bloom!

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