2 New Arrivals from Africa

Hey friends! That's right, we got in a restock as well as two brand new arrivals from Africa!


Uganda Bukonzo Organic: This coffee has almost as much in common with Indonesian coffee as it does with African! Rich, buttery body with a moderate to low acidity and slight complexity of flavors, you could almost imagine this coffee being from Bali or Sulawesi. The African influence can be seen in the slightly winey finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, black pepper and raisin. 


Rwanda Misozi Abakundakawa Organic: Abakundakawa means "those who love coffee" so you know this one's going to be good. We would compare this one to a fully washed Ethiopian coffee: bright, crisp and light. Delicate with a clean finish, look for notes of pink grapefruit, honey, peach and lime zest. 

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