3 New Coffees Just In!

Summer is here and that means new harvests from Africa are finally beginning to hit the states! We got in two amazing ones as well as a new harvest from Mexico. You're gonna love em!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Washed: Some folks avoid washed Ethiopian coffees because they tend to be a bit too gentle and subtle. While this coffee is certainly more gentle than a natural Ethiopian, it's got much more oomph than you'd expect! Surprising body, very flavorful and extremely well balanced. Look for notes of pear, lavender and mild lemon.

Kenya AA Plus: We usually only stick to single estate AA's, but our importer talked us into this coffee and we're so happy they did! Sourced by a producer who specializes in blending the best of the best from the Kenyan Auction lot, this coffee is definitely exceptional. It maintains the big body and dry finish common in Kenyan coffee without the overwhelming wine notes. Balanced and sweet with notes of tangerine, peach and honey.

Mexico Huatusco Altura: After a series of rather disappointing coffees from Mexico last year, we were ready to give up on the country as a coffee source. Then along came our first coffee Huatusco. It's in a class all its own! Great balance, creamy texture, clean finish. This coffee is sure to please any coffee drinker, no matter their experience level! We love the sweet notes of milk chocolate, orange, nectarine and cherry.

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