2 New Coffees!

Things are really getting cold quick up here in the Mountains! Thankfully we've got a huge stock of coffee with 2 new crops just sitting around here to keep us warm. Let's get right to the fun part, shall we?


Kenya Peaberry Kabare Karani: As we near the end of the Kenyan crops, we thought it best to end on a bang! We haven't had a Kenyan Peaberry in some time, so we went all out with this one. This high scoring auction pick is absolutely stellar: exceptional balance, crisp front end and silky body throughout. For those who love a tannic finish to their Kenyan coffee, this one is a bit more subdued, or as we think, more refined and mature. Sweet notes of green apple, peach and grapefruit round out this spectacular coffee.


Peru las damas San Igancio Organic

Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: Peruvian coffee has been a huge hit this season in our coffee shop! We can barely keep it around and folks are loving this year's harvest. As we make our way around the country, it just felt right to get our favorite crop from last year back for another go! These folks are at it again with another delicious offering: great balance, rich body and lovely notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, cherry and honey. Roast gentler than usual, these beans seem to perform best with the "low and slow" method!

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