2 Fresh Arrivals

Hi Friends! We're preparing ourselves for the holiday season (yes, we can't believe it's almost here either) and grabbing some fresh varietals to keep things...fresh! Without further ado...


Guatemala Huehuetenango Coyequal Organic: Whew, we thought all the Huehuetenango's from this season were gone, but we snagged a late bloomer! This fantastic organic selection comes from the tiny village of El Coyequal which is situated in the heart of Huehuetenango. Slightly complex, rich and creamy with a surprising amount of sweetness, look for notes of cherry, orange and peach. 


Nicaragua San Juan del Rio Coco Organic: Another surprising late season find! This delicious selection is very characteristic of great Nicaraguan coffee. Versatile yet singular, it works well with others while standing on it's own merits. Creamy, rich body gives way to a balanced profile with notes of cocoa powder and almond.

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