Flores and Java are Back!

Hey friends! Despite the natural disasters that have been plaguing the good folks of Indonesia the past few weeks, the crops they harvested a few months ago are finally hitting the states. Our hearts go out to these amazing folks and we're going to continue to support the farmer's livelihoods by buying and enjoying their amazing coffee!


Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic

Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic: That's right, the komodo dragon is back! This coffee is definitely a fan favorite here at the shop, folks have been asking for it for months! More refined than Sumatra but more complex than Sulawesi, it's very similar to Bali in it's balance. Huge, syrupy body and notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla bean and a touch of cedar. Great for dark roasting!


Java Kayumas Estate Organic: This delicious coffee is for folks who enjoy the big, rich body and low acidity of Indonesian coffee with a more balanced bent. Creamy, rich body and notes of dark chocolate, mild cherry and a hint of black pepper give way to a surprisingly clean finish. We like this one more medium roast but it can go dark with great results too!

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