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  • Microlots and Swiss Water Decaf

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    New Coffee Day is always exciting, but today's cupping was one of the most exciting yet! We love getting in Microlots and learning about farmer's stories so we were pumped to taste the latest lot from Finca La Rosa's Catalina Rodriguez. We've also received a fresh Swiss Water Decaf and a fresh crop from Uganda!


    Honduras Finca La Rosa Organic Microlot: We love coffee with a story and Catalina Rodriguez's story is pretty cool. From poverty to successful coffee farmer, you can taste her love for coffee in the cup. Full bodied, creamy and very balanced, it's sweet and lively with notes of red delicious apple, black cherry and apricot.

    Uganda Bugisu AA Organic: Ugandan coffee is often underrated for reasons we can't sort out. This coffee is some of the best coming out of Africa! It's more Indonesian in character than Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees with a syrupy body and buttery texture. Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cherry and raisin.

    Honduras Swiss Water Decaf Organic: Another awesome coffee from the COMSA co-op in Honduras. It's been processed using the Swiss Water Method which means it retains more of it's origin character than you get with many other methods and none of that "decaf" taste. It's easy going and accessible with notes of cocoa and graham cracker. 

    We also restocked our Colombia Swiss Water Decaf! Try them all or build a "house" decaf. We recommend one part Honduras and one part Colombia. For decaf espresso, use one part Colombia and one part Sumatra.

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  • 3 New Coffees Just In!

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    Summer is here and that means new harvests from Africa are finally beginning to hit the states! We got in two amazing ones as well as a new harvest from Mexico. You're gonna love em!

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Washed: Some folks avoid washed Ethiopian coffees because they tend to be a bit too gentle and subtle. While this coffee is certainly more gentle than a natural Ethiopian, it's got much more oomph than you'd expect! Surprising body, very flavorful and extremely well balanced. Look for notes of pear, lavender and mild lemon.

    Kenya AA Plus: We usually only stick to single estate AA's, but our importer talked us into this coffee and we're so happy they did! Sourced by a producer who specializes in blending the best of the best from the Kenyan Auction lot, this coffee is definitely exceptional. It maintains the big body and dry finish common in Kenyan coffee without the overwhelming wine notes. Balanced and sweet with notes of tangerine, peach and honey.

    Mexico Huatusco Altura: After a series of rather disappointing coffees from Mexico last year, we were ready to give up on the country as a coffee source. Then along came our first coffee Huatusco. It's in a class all its own! Great balance, creamy texture, clean finish. This coffee is sure to please any coffee drinker, no matter their experience level! We love the sweet notes of milk chocolate, orange, nectarine and cherry.

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  • New Coffee day on Tuesday?!

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    You heard right, today is new coffee day! I know we usually prefer Fridays, but...ya know...not this week. So ready set, here we go!


    Colombia Sierra Nevada Sol Naciete Organic: Colombian coffee is always a crowd pleaser; it's got full body, creamy texture and excellent balance. This small coop offering is absolutely exceptional and represents that niche well. It's slightly crisp with sweet notes of dark chocolate, orange, peach and caramel. Everyone will find something to love about this coffee!


    El Salvador Santa Ana Pulp Natural: This unique coffee is processed using the Pulp Natural (semi-washed) method rather than being fully washed like most Central American coffees. Usually this results in a few raw and earthy twist that some folks love and others can't stand. This coffee is surprisingly balanced and mild for a Pulp Natural and we think it's a great balance between the two styles! Give it a shot even if you're not a typically adventurous coffee drinker.


    Nicaragua Segovia Organic

    Nicaragua Segovia Prodecoop Organic & Fair Trade: We had this coffee last season and loved it so we couldn't wait to get a new crop in. This harvest does not disappoint! It's highly drinkable and easy going with sweet notes of milk chocolate, a touch of lemon and a pleasant almond finish. 


    We also restocked several favorites and rotated our roasted selections, come see what's on tap!

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  • 3 New Coffees!

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    3 Amazing New Coffees just walked in the door! Ok, they walked in yesterday and we cupped 'em today. Ok, they actually didn't walk in on their own...but wouldn't that be cool! Anyways, they're awesome. And we hope you have an awesome Easter Weekend!


    Sumatra Swiss Water Decaf

    Sumatra Royal Select Swiss Water Decaf: Ok, it's not often we're this excited about a decaf coffee, but this one is daaaaang good. Creamy, almost syrupy body a touch of complexity and a surprisingly clean finish! Yummy notes of dark chocolate and spice abound. 


    Honduras Marcala COMSA Organic: From one of our favorite Central American producers, this coffee is always a delight. It's slightly crisp and full bodied with great balance. Great at many roast levels and a wonderful blender or a great cup all on it's own, it's got notes of dark chocolate, orange and a walnut-y finish.


    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus

    Tanzania Northern Peaberry Plus: This was one of our favorite Tanzania Peaberrys last year and this year's harvest is just as tasty! Crisp and bright with a sweet finish and smooth texture. Look for notes of chocolate, lime and just a hint of raspberry!

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  • Fresh Costa Rica just in!

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    New Central American crops are beginning to trickle in from this season's harvest which always makes Spring an exciting time around The Captain's Coffee. This week we were elated to find one of our favorite single estate coffees just arrived:


    Costa Rica La Amistad Organic: This has always been one of our favorite Costa Rican coffees and it continues to impress us. Incredibly well balanced, slightly crisp and just plain good. Years ago it was passed off by an unscrupulous importer as Hawaii Kona (don't worry, they're long gone) and with good reason! This year's crop features notes of dark chocolate, orange, honey and just a touch of lemon. Sure to please even the most discerning coffee snob! Wanna cut the work out? Pick it up fresh roasted!

    Oh! Almost forgot to mention we got in another new Central American crop for all you organic decaf lovers: Honduras Organic Royal Select Water Decaf! Straight from the Marcala Coop in Honduras and processed in the Mountain Water Process style, it's gentle, delicate and sweet. It's well balanced and crisp with notes of milk chocolate and mild lemon. This season's crop features a slightly peanut buttery finish!

    Like Facebook or Instagram? Follow us for frequent updates and fun happenings! Next week we'll be at Nashville Coffee Fest and we'll be sending back some really cool pics and videos!

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