New Arrivals and Old Favorites

Hey Friends! We got a fresh shipment in and I'm really excited to share our new arrivals! The general theme we went for with this shipment was to round out our inventory. You see, we've been focusing so much the past few months on unusual, unique and premium coffees that I felt it was time to bring in some staples. You know, high quality coffees of course, leagues better than the average grocery store fare, but more grounded, down to earth and more approachable, especially for the budget minded. We did snag another premium natural Ethiopian (sorry I just can't help myself...) but the focus today is to balance out our offerings and make sure we've got something for everyone, no matter your coffee preferences or budget. We even branched out and picked up a robusta which we haven't carried for years! Read on for all the details...

Brazil Mogiana Natural: The legend returns! Previously listed as Brazil Alta Mogiana, this coffee has been a staple in TCC inventory for years. It's a critical component in any Italian or Hybrid espresso blend, adds chocolatey, creamy nuttiness to any house blend and it's super affordable to boot! We updated the description a bit and even provided some blend recipe ideas. This coffee is also inexpensive enough to be great for seasoning a new roaster or as a warm up roast for drum roasters.

Colombia la esperanza

Colombia Valle Del Cauca la Esperanza Estate: The Herrera brothers have developed a reputation for experimenting with their coffee and this particular lot proves that you can't experiment properly if you haven't first mastered the basics. Sometimes you just wanna relax and reach for a dependable, easy going, everyday cup. This is that coffee. No matter how you brew it, blend it, or roast it, this coffee will leave you satisfied. Rich and creamy with a slightly crisp front end and wonderful balance. Expect big notes of caramel and milk chocolate with a touch of ripe red grape and a smooth nutty finish.


India Cherry Robusta Organic: Robusta coffee often gets a bad rap when compared to its much more popular brother, Arabica coffee. While it's not recommended as a single origin brew, it is very popular as a blender, especially in Italian style espresso. When added to blends in a small amount, usually 10-15%, it adds body, punch, tons of crema to espresso and a bit of extra caffeine for those looking for an added kick to their morning routine.

Uganda Sipi Falls Washed Organic: We just finished going through a natural processed coffee from Sipi Falls which was chosen as a Crown Jewel by Royal Coffee. It was such a wonderful experience, we decided to try their fully washed coffee as well and we were not disappointed! This washed version is balanced and clean with a touch of tangerine acidity on the front end. It's also full bodied and silky with notes of lemongrass, cinnamon and fig with a cocoa undertone. This coffee is a MUST try for fans of Kenyan coffee: similar experience without the winey undertones and the big price tag!

Java Kayumas Taman Dadar Organic

Java Kayumas Taman Dadar Organic: Another perennial favorite, this coffee provides half of the classic Mocca Java blend. Since Yemeni Mocca coffee is near impossible to get your hands on these days, blend Java with an Ethiopia or Burundi Natural for the same effect! As a single origin, Java takes heat very well and can even be great roasted up to Vienna. It's got a rich, syrupy body and sweet flavors consisting of a complex blend of dark chocolate, black cherry, vanilla.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibicho Organic Natural

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibichu Natural Organic: Last but not least, our indulgence pick! We recently carried a different lot of this coffee as a Crown Jewel from Royal. This lot comes from the same harvest! From our cuppings, their nearly identical; intensely sweet, full bodied, jammy and surprisingly syrupy with a funky complexity. Both lots are also chock full of berry flavors, but here's where the differences lie based on our cupping notes. While the Crown Jewel lot was focused on blackberry and blueberry, this one is decidedly focused on raspberry and strawberry. Whether this distinction is important or not is entirely dependent on your fruity preferences. We think it's still an incredible coffee and are so happy to have it back!

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