More, more, more!

Yet another week of new arrivals and restocks! Lots of wonderful new crops have been hitting the states in the last few weeks, which has made for a really exciting time here at the shop. Check out our newest additions!


D.R. Congo Organic Kivu Botembo Village: The Democratic Republic of Congo is a relative newcomer to the world of Specialty Grade coffee. We're here to tell you that age don't mean a thing! This years crop is definitely the best we've had yet and the coffee still retains a character of African/Indonesian mashup. With low acidity and a depth of sweetness, it's got a rich, bold character and a long, satisfying finish. Look for notes of dark chocolate, cola, plum and brown sugar.


Costa Rica Naranjo la Rosa

Costa Rica Naranjo la Rosa: That's right, fresh crops from Costa Rica are beginning to arrive and the Naranjo region is usually the first to be harvested. We love this coffee because it's got such a unique profile for coffee from this country. While most Costa Rican coffees tend to be delicate, bright and crisp, this coffee leans towards bold, rich and in your face. Look for notes of brown sugar, tangerine and plum with a velvety body.

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