Tanzania Peaberry is Back!

We got in a big restock this week, but the real news is we just got a new lot of Tanzania Northern Peaberry! This is one of our favorite lots yet, so if you're a Peaberry fan, you don't wanna miss it:


Tanzania Northern Peaberry

Tanzania Northern Peaberry: Folks just can't seem to get enough of this funky little bean and we can understand why! It's subtly African in profile but with much less winey-ness. Slightly crisp without a bite, balanced and flavorful, this coffee is classically Tanzanian. Look for notes of milk chocoalte, tangerine and just a hint of mild lime. We've also got it roasted!


If you missed it last week, we just got a restock of Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca el Injertal; get it while it's hot! Other popular restocks include Sulawesi Rantekarua Estate Organic and Sumatra Mandheling for you Indonesian fans out there. All three of these are available roasted as well!

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