Bali Blue and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Are Back!

The wait is over folks! Two of our most popular coffees, Bali Blue Moon Organic and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, are finally in! See the details below and expect to see more delicious Indonesian harvests in the near future.


Bali Blue Moon Organic

Bali Blue Moon Organic: Known as the "Jewel of Indonesia" Bali produces some amazing coffee. Processed using the wet-hull method popular in Indonesia, it's very similar to it's neighbor, Sumatra, but with more of a refined finish and a bit less spicy bite. Syrupy and rich, look for notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla and a hint of cedar.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Natural: Fresh harvests of Yirgacheffe are finally hitting the states and just like last year, the Idido coop was the first to arrive. Lucky for us, it's also an amazing coffee! Off all the natural processed Yirgacheffes that come through, this coffee continues to be the most "accessible" one. Silky to creamy body with notes of blackberry, blueberry and cocoa, it's one the more balanced side for a natural processed coffee. 


Can't be bothered roasting these fine specimens up? Don't worry, we can take the legwork out for you! Both new coffees are available pre-roasted fresh from our in house Ambex roaster.

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