Just In: 2 Brand New, 2 old Favorites

That's right folks, 4 new arrivals just in! The first two will be brand new to us and the last two are returning favorites with fresh crops. Let's get to it!


El Salvador Finca Hungria Organic: This coffee is easily the best El Salvadorian coffee we've gotten in several years! This single estate delight has surprisingly low acidity for a fully washed coffee along with excellent balance and gentle sweetness. We know you'll love the notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, orange and red apple. Did we mention it's got every certification known to coffee?! Check it out, you won't be disappointed.


Sulawesi Toraja Sesean Sapan Organic: This amazing cup comes to us from the highest volcanic peaks of Indonesia. While it's got many characteristics of neighboring islands such as low acidity and syrupy body, this coffee carries a cleanness and refinement all it's own. If you like Sumatra but want something a little less...agresssive, this one's for you! Look for notes of baker's chocolate, cedar and vanilla.


Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic

Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio Organic: Back by popular demand! This year's crop of this Peruvian coffee is as good if not better than last years. We characterize this coffee, like most Peruvian coffees, as subtle and mild, yet anything but boring! Exceptional balance and a silky body give way to notes of dark chocolate, honey and tangerine followed by a clean, crisp finish.


Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic

Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic: Another returning fan favorite, this coffee always sells out quick! If Sulawesi is clean and refined while Sumatra is complex and aggressive, this coffee is smack in the middle. Low acidity with a rich and syrupy body followed by a lingering, spicy finish. Look for notes of black pepper, baker's chocolate, cedar and vanilla.

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