Fresh Indonesian Crops Just In!

Fresh crops from Indonesia and the Oceanic region are hitting the states! That's right, the wet-hulled wonders, the kings of dark roasting, the.....javas from Java are here! Also, stay tuned friends, because we've got a VERY exciting announcement coming in the next few weeks! Until then, grab these delicious coffees before they get gone:

Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic

Flores Bajawa Ngura Organic: That's right folks, the Komodo Dragon is back! A local favorite in our shop, this delicious coffee offers an earthy accompaniment of baker's chocolate, vanilla and sweet cedar. Huge body and syrupy mouthfeel with very low acidity and a long lingering finish. Perfect for fans of dark roasting!

Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minanga: From the highest mountains of Indonesia, this coffee is surprisingly crisp for a wet-hulled coffee. Expect the same huge body and syrupy texture, just with a touch more zing on the front end! Another coffee that's high grown nature lends it well to dark roasting, look for complex notes of baker's chocolate, molasses and licorice with a sweet, woody finish.

East Timor Organic

East Timor Organic: Now for the most unique coffee on this list! While East Timor isn't a part of Indonesia, it is grown in the same region under the same conditions as it's neighbors. The big difference here is that East Timor coffee is fully washed! This results in a cleaner cup with less complexity while still retaining the low acidity and huge body. Look for notes of brown sugar, cherry and hints of spice.

In addition, we've also got restocks of current crops from Java and Sumatra so don't forget to complete the whole collection! Oh! and how could we forget? We finally got a fresh bag of Swiss Water Decaf in! Help yourself to our newest Organic offering: Honduras Swiss Water Process Decaf.


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