2 New Crops Just In!

Well we made it through Florence with minimal problems, though areas that did receive more significant impact should expect possible shipping delays. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends on and near the coast who didn't escape so lightly, hope you are all safe and sound! In other news, we've got two new crops just in that we're excited to share with you!


Peru La Florida Organic: Fans of sweet, refined and subtle coffee will love this crowd pleaser! It's got moderate acidity and a clean finish with a medium to full body with exceptional balance throughout. Look for notes of milk chocolate, orange and caramel. Also available pre-roasted for your immediate drinking pleasure!


Honduras Royal Select Organic Decaf: Decaf drinkers rejoice! This swiss water processed decaf comes from our favorite Honduran coop, COMSA. Mild, drinkable and well balanced, it's got a nice creamy body and moderate acidity. Expect notes of milk chocolate, almond and graham cracker with a touch of lemon. 

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