7 New Coffees Just In!

Hey friends! It's been a while since we had some new coffees on tap but the wait is over! I'm incredibly excited to share these with you, we've got a new Crown Jewel Ethiopian, a Tanzanian that's processed with Anaerobic Maceration, a couple different mixed fermentation coffees as well as a pair of Burundis in fully washed and natural!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wolde Hirbe Natural Organic: This Crown Jewel selection is from farmer Wolde Hirbe who has been producing quality microlots like this one for 10 years in a row. Funky, juicy and sweet is how we'd describe this coffee with a focus on stone fruit such as super ripe peach and nectarine along with raspberry and a floral undertone. It's surprisingly easy to roast for a natural owing to Wolde's exacting processing which results in incredibly consistent greens.

Tanzania Finagro Ascona Anaerobic Maceration: This exciting selection comes from Finagro Ascona Estate, owned by the Vohora family. It's processed in a relatively new and increasingly popular method called Anaerobic Maceration. This process imparts a "spicy-ness" to the coffee along with highlighting funky and fruity flavors already present in the bean. Look for notes of honeydew and tropical fruit mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg.



Ecuador Zamora Mixed Fermentation Organic: This is the very first coffee from Ecuador we've had in years! If that weren't exciting enough, this coffee is also unusual for it's processing method: mixed fermentation. It's a semi-washed method like honey processed that strikes a balance between fully washed and natural coffees. We really enjoyed this cup for it's moderate acidity, big body, sweetness and complexity.

Colombia Tolima Indigenas de San Pedro Organic: This mixed fermentation coffee comes from a group of Indigenous farmers in the southernmost area of Tolima. It's processed using a local variation of semi-washing that results in an unsually sweet yet clean and crisp cup! It's balanced and full bodied with big notes of brown sugar with hints of orange and baker's chocolate. 

Burundi Ngozi Bavyeyi Natural: This delicious coffee comes to us from JNP coffee which is doing incredible work with the producers of Burundi. This particular lot is a natural with a lengthy processing time, making for a slightly more mild and accessible cup than you'd find in a comparable Ethiopian natural. It's zesty and juicy with notes of orange, raspberry, pineapple and dark cherry.

Burundi Ngozi Turihamwe: Our fully washed Burundi also comes to us from JNP Coffee (can you tell we really like the work they're doing?). This washed coffee is much more delicate and subtle as well as bright. It's also very balanced and clean with notes of apple cider, caramel, peach and lemongrass.

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona: This single estate gem comes to us from farmer Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora. He's got 4 generations of coffee farming behind him and that heritage shines through in the cup. It's got great body and a buttery texture with a slightly crisp front end. Sweet flavors of ripe apple and orange and balanced with lime acidity and a dark chocolate background.

Roasted Coffee

We've also got all 7 of these amazing coffees available freshly roasted as well!

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