6 New Coffees and the return of Roasted!

Hello friends! Well at long last, we've finally got our new shop roaster in! Oh, and we just got in 6 new coffees including 2 top shelf Crown Jewels! Read on to check it all out:

Peru Chacra Don Dago Organic Biodynamic: This Crown Jewel from Royal Coffee is not only delicious, it's a case study in environmental stewardship. Biodynamic farming goes above and beyond organic farming and we are happy to support the movement. The cup is as stellar as the story: it's slightly complex yet clean with a full body, a bright, citrusy front end and a creamy texture. Look for sweet notes of peach, pear, tangerine, cinnamon and butterscotch.

East Timor Ermera Eratoi Organic: Our second Crown Jewel from Royal Coffee is an absolute treat! Unlike other coffees in the Oceania region, this one is fully washed resulting in a clean, crisp profile but with plenty of body to spare. Look for notes of apricot, maple syrup, green grape and pecan. Quick heads up, we were only able to secure a half bag of this, so grab it while it's here!

Kenya Kirinyaga Rungeto Kii AA: Kenya AA's are notoriously pricey and we didn't want to settle for a mediocre offering while charging an arm and a leg for it. The bar was set high for this one and we're pleased to announce that this coffee delivers! Tons of silky body, bright and tangy with a dry finish, it's got notes of juicy red grapefruit, lime, cocoa and a distinctive herbal undertone.

Honduras Catracha Isidoro Sanchez Microlot: This microlot supports an amazing cause, the Catracha Community, as well as ensures the farmer, Isidoro Sanchez, receives a fair price for his coffee, no matter what the commodity price is. That's coffee we can get behind and it's delicious to boot! Balanced and slightly sweet with a creamy texture and full body. We noted dark chocolate, papaya, red apple and walnut in the cup.

Brazil Serra das Três Barras Red Catuai: With all of the coffee pouring out of Brazil, it can be difficult to find a really special one that stands out, but we feel confident we've found one here! This single estate coffee is super drinkable and makes for a great blender, especially in Italian style espressos. It is moderately complex, creamy and mildly bright with note of strawberry, peach, brown sugar and walnut.

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan-Minanga: One of the highest grown coffees in Indonesia, Sapan-Minanga is unusually crisp, while still possessing the luxuriously rich body you expect from a Sulawesi coffee. It's like Sumatra's more refined and sophisticated friend! Syrupy and complex, look for notes of baker's chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla with a sweet woody finish.

Roasted Coffee

We're finally roasting coffee for sale again! Last week we received our Aillio Bullet V2 roaster and have spent the time since then breaking it in and getting it all set up for production. We're super happy with it and the fine tune control it gives us as well as the ability to replay our favorite profiles for consistency! We're currently packaging our roasted coffee in 12oz resealable bags which we are heat sealing before shipping. As before, we're keeping our packaging simple and clean in order to keep prices low, but expect the look of them to evolve over time as we test different labels and bags. Let us know what you think! We've got a small selection of our current favorites available at this time, but we're planning on expanding the selection to cover almost every coffee we have in the warehouse in the very near future.


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